Dem Governors from CA, NJ and PA Say Vaccine Required Before Return to Normal

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Democrat Governor Tom Wolfe of Pennsylvania said that the state cannot fully return to normal until a “foolproof” vaccine is available. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that his state cannot firmly enter the “new normal,” when life will once again return to all our workplaces, downtowns, and main streets until there is a proven vaccine. California Governor Gavin Newsom said the Golden State would not be “going back to normal” until a vaccine is available.

Pennsylvania cannot fully return to normal until a “foolproof” vaccine is available, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) said on Wednesday.

When asked if the return of large events are contingent on a vaccination, Wolf said Pennsylvanians need to be confident that the novel coronavirus is under control and treatable. He said he believes it will take a vaccine or “some assurance that they’re not going to get sick” to attend big events, go shopping, and return to school.

“Ultimately I think what it’s going to take for everybody to feel safe going to a Penn State game or a basketball game is that they have some confidence that they’re not going to get sick by being in close contact with somebody else,” Wolf said, noting that the state is focusing on testing and contact tracing.

“I think that’s what it’s going to take to really get our economy back to normal, and I really think that can’t happen fully, 100 percent until we have a vaccine that is foolproof,” Wolf said. “That’s my own stance.”

Two other Democrat governors have also hinged their hopes of future normalcy on the development and availability of a vaccine.

“Until a proven vaccine is widely available, we cannot firmly enter the ‘new normal,’ when life will once again return to all our workplaces, downtowns, and main streets,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) stated bluntly on Monday.

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2 years ago

If there is even a tiny hint of functioning neurons in the brains of humans in the USSA, all fictitious “officials” who ordered shutdowns will be voted out of office. Either that or not a single human remains stupid enough to vote, or acknowledge the human predators who call themselves “government” have any fictional “authority” over them or anyone else. Ready the torches, pitchforks and 9mm diameter pieces of heavy metal.

2 years ago

Do Not Submit to ANY vaccine, ever, folks! Formaldehyde, aluminum, and other chemicals no human body is designed to deal with along with a lovely little microchip (thanks, billy goat gates), NO THANKS!! They will have to shoot me dead with a bullet before I’ll let them shoot me with that crap! Just Say No to drugs!