Denver: Man Accused of Murder had Been Freed from Prison Due to Coronavirus

Cornelius Haney, was arrested over the weekend for the fatal shooting of Heather Perry in an alleyway. The shooting occurred 30 days after he was he had been freed from prison due to a state executive order to reduce the prison population during the public health crisis. He was serving a seven-year sentence for robbery when he was released.

A parolee accused of murdering a 21-year-old woman in Denver on Saturday was out of prison, according to information shared with 9Wants to Know, due to ongoing efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the state’s prison system.

On Saturday, Denver Police believe Cornelius Haney shot and killed Heather Perry, 21, in an alley between the 1400 block of North Verbena St. and North Valentia St. in east Denver.

The fact that Haney, a felon with an extensive Colorado criminal history dating back to 1998, was out in the first place has a lot to do with the state’s efforts to keep COVID-19 from spreading within the state’s prison system.

Serving the tail end of a seven-year sentence for robbery, Haney left prison April 15th, four months earlier than his mandatory release date.  A spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) told 9Wants to Know on Friday that Haney “was released due to special needs parole criteria” under an Executive Order signed by Governor Jared Polis in March.

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Social-Justice Warrior With No Medical Training Leading LA’s COVID Response Team

California: Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, who is not a scientist or medical doctor but holds a degree in ‘Social Welfare’, extended the county’s stay-at-home order until August. LA Mayor Garcetti said, “We’ll never be completely open until we have a cure” and said the virus “is as dangerous today as it was the first day that it arrived in our cities and our country.” LA beaches were permitted to open Wednesday, but beach goers must wear face masks and may not sunbathe or picnic.

In mid-March Governor Gavin Newsom predicted that 25-million people in California would be infected with Coronavirus over an 8-week period. In response, President Trump deployed the Navy’s Mercy hospital ship to Los Angeles to treat the suffering masses. They never showed up. Eight weeks later the ship left Los Angeles with literally nothing to do. Los Angeles remains in lockdown. -GEG

At this point, most market participants outside California know LA County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer as the public servant whose “miscommunication” Tuesday afternoon about a three-month extension to her county’s stay at home order was blamed for reviving anxieties about the economic reopening in the US that helped hammer stocks lower last week. The good doctor – who, as it so happens, isn’t a medical doctor, but the owner of a Ph.D in “Social Welfare” (whatever the f**k that means) – would like you to know she is truly sorry for the error, and the ensuing public furor she accidentally unleashed.

As we have been saying since the beginning of this outbreak, many of the public servants revered as virtually infallible by the “stay home, save lives” crowd (overly Democratic in political orientation) actually have few real qualifications. Dr. Ferrer isn’t a scientist, or a medical doctor, and people who argue that we should simply stay inside forever because science often have little, or no, understanding of the current state of research concerning the virus. Because if they did, they would understand that not even the scientists have a great grasp of how to handle this. Given the far-reaching ramifications for society, it shouldn’t be an extreme opinion to suggest that tackling this requires a multidisciplinary approach, because small oversights can have major consequences.

As for Dr. Ferrer, after apologizing for her “miscommunication” on Wednesday, she went on to reveal that, actually, the order would be expanded (though certain businesses are still being allowed to reopen) offering a seemingly contradictory explanation of the local guidelines and planned path forward that has left the entire county wondering what the hell is going on.

As KABC’s John Phillips shared on his radio show Wednesday, the good doctor’s educational resume, according to a bio published at USC, where she was recently a panelist at a “Safe Schools” symposium, reveals she received her Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, a Master of Arts in Public Health from Boston University, a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Massachusetts, and a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz.

None of these disciplines are rooted in the sciences – rather, it appears the good doctor’s “public health” background doesn’t include any specialization in actual medical care, or epidemiology. This woman probably knows about as much as the discipline as the average Californian who has spent the last couple of months on Wikipedia.

However, as the LA Times reports, Ferrer has somehow found her way into a role where she is the top public health officer in a county of 10 million people. Keep in mind, she has no actual medical background, but despite this, she’s found herself in the middle of “every tough conversation about which businesses and institutions have to shut down, whether public and private hospitals are equipped and prepared to handle a possible surge” and what precautions individuals can take to protect their health.

Her role for the county is essentially equivalent to that of Dr. Fauci at the White house. Except Dr. Ferrer isn’t a doctor, she’s a professional social justice warrior.

As Red State points out, when Dr. Ferrer was put in charge of solving the homelessness epidemic in LA County, her game plan 100% focused on “community outreach”. “We need to start this work by speaking directly with those experiencing homelessness to better understand how to align our support,” she said.

That’s right: Dr. Ferrer’s one-size-fits-all plan for solving homelessness started with talking to a demographic group where those with severe mental health disorders and substance-abuse problems represent an overwhelming share of the population. Dr. Ferrer’s approach to help improve the lives of the homeless was to talk to a bunch of schizophrenics and drug addicts about government policy, as Red State pointed out.

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USNS Mercy Leaves Los Angeles Port After Treating a Few Dozen Patients – But LA Still on Coronavirus Lockdown Until August

CA Town Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary City’ from Lockdown, and Is Open for Business

Atwater, California, has a population of 28,000, and the members of the city council unanimously passed a resolution “affirming the city’s commitment to fundamental constitutional rights and declaring the city of Atwater a sanctuary city for all businesses.” Mayor Paul Creighton said it was time to start listening to and serving the people who put him and the other politicians in power. The mayor said that the city would take no action against anyone who reopened outside the state’s guidelines but warned that local businesses could still face problems from the state government. -GEG

In California’s Central Valley, where farmers grow the food Americans eat and shops provide goods for them and their families, the coronavirus era is coming to a close, as Atwater declares itself a “sancuary city” where businesses and churches are opening their doors.

The San Francisco Chronicle describes the move as “in defiance of the California’s shelter-in-place order,” but the people who live there believe it is about their survival — not from dodging the virus, but from the draconian lockdown that cost people their livelihoods:

The City Council heard from a parade of business owners, pastors and residents on Friday who described pandemic-related hardships. Many insisted they could be responsible and keep the community safe by following safe practices like wearing face masks and keeping social distance.

Resident Caleb Hampton — a lonely voice for upholding the shelter order — said there was little proof people would be responsible in protecting public health, as evidenced by those attending the council meeting, most without masks, including the council members and staff. (Hampton wore a mask.)

“How many people came up and touched this lectern and then was it ever disinfected?” he said. “The council has pressed this narrative that small businesses can be responsible to implement these guidelines on their own … But I don’t see evidence of that in daily activities even here.”

The members of the city council, “without discussion” according to the Chronicle, passed unanimously a resolution “affirming the city’s commitment to fundamental constitutional rights and declaring the city of Atwater a sanctuary city for all businesses.”

Council members said the measure also applies to churches.

“If they don’t open up, they’re going to be in a really bad state, and we’re going to have bankruptcies and foreclosures and we’re just going to have families that are decimated financially,” said Chamber of Commerce President Don Borgwardt, who is also a local pastor and made a plea for people to be allowed back inside houses of worship.

“It’s time to do the right thing and listen to the people who put us here,” Mayor Paul Creighton said in the Chronicle report. “We want you guys to survive and thrive. It’s really critical that the elected in this country and especially this state start listening to you.”

“Creighton later told the Merced Sun-Star that while the city would take no action against anyone who reopened outside the state’s guidelines, local businesses were taking their own risks by reopening,” the Chronicle reported.

“If you do have a state (business) license, that’s between you and the state of California,” Creighton said.

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Broward County Official Discusses Going Into Homes to Separate and Isolate People

Florida: Bertha Henry, a Broward County administrator, recently discussed a new Coronavirus proposal that, according to her, would involve tracing everyone’s movements, tracking with whom contact is made, going into private family homes and assisted-living facilities, and taking them into custody if anyone in authority says they are a threat to public health. All for the greater good, of course. -GEG

Broward County, Florida Administrator Bertha Henry recently discussed a new Coronavirus proposal “that would substantially increase not only the tracing but more testing and case management and isolation, for you, when we have to go into some of these ALF’s (assisted living facilities) and move people out or go into family homes like in some of these, where we’re going into some of these homes, and we have to separate an individual to isolate them they need, you know, we need to make sure that they get care, that they have food, that they have support to be isolated from their home or their family for that 14-day period.”

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Oregon: Salon Owner Who Opened Her Business Was Fined $14,000

Lindsay Graham, a hair salon owner, opened her business on May 5 in defiance of Governor Kate Brown’s stay-at-home order. Oregon Occupational Safety and Health issued a $14,000 fine to Graham, claiming she was endangering her workers. The city of Salem, which owns the building she leases, have threatened to terminate her lease. In addition, Graham says Child Protective Services had visited her house and questioned her child, apparently looking for any excuse to take the child away – for her own good, of course.

The owner of Glamour Salon in Salem, Lindsey Graham, announced Friday she was issued a $14,000 citation by Oregon OSHA.

Last week, she reopened her business against Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order. Stylists at the salon have continued to cut people’s hair.

On Thursday, Marion County was denied approval to reopen after applying for phase one, which would have taken effect Friday.

“Everyone’s job is essential, not because what we do or how we do it, but because it’s how we make our living,” said Lindsey Graham, the owner of Glamour Salon. “I have independent contractors that are choosing to work in this facility. OSHA has illegally deemed them employees and is citing me as an employer, which I am not.”

Though the Oregon OSHA Administrator Michael Wood could not confirm to FOX 12 a fine had been issued, because the salon owner and her lawyer haven’t officially informed the agency they’ve received the citation, he does say the agency frequently encounters employers who believe the people working for them are independent contractors. He said it may even be in written in a worker’s contract.

Before issuing a fine, Wood says Oregon OSHA assesses the nature of the work relationship like whether workers advertise on their own or control their own hours. They even look at how the work is described informally, and if there’s a dress code.

Additionally, a willful violation which Graham’s case would be, automatically sets the minimum penalty at $8,900 according to Wood, with a range all the way up to about $126,000. It’s based on the size of the employer and the level of risk they or their employee’s activities have generated.

In regard to Graham’s case specifically, Oregon OSHA officials say she is “unquestionably operating in violation of the governor’s executive order, designed to protect workers and the public.”

They also say their inspection of Glamour Salon found at least some workers there would qualify as employees.

“I’m vowing to stay open as long as I can, basically, until the governor tries to take my entire career, something I’ve worked 15 years for, out from underneath me,” said Graham.

Graham also said Friday, Child Protective Services came to her home last week and interviewed her and her family members.

She believes it’s a political response and says it’s a false claim.

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Oregon Fines Salon Owner $14,000 Because She Opened Her Doors Too Soon — Threatens To Take Her Children Away!

World Health Organization Pushes Vaccines – Says COVID May Never Go Away

WHO Health Emergency Director Mike Ryan said, “..this virus may never go away…We do have one great hope, if we do find a highly effective vaccine that we can distribute to everyone who needs it in the world, we may have a shot at eliminating this virus.” He said, “That vaccine will have to be available, it will have to be highly effective, it will have to be made available to everyone, and we will have to use it.” He continued, “Science can come up with the vaccine, but someone’s got to make it, and make enough of it that everyone can get a dose of it, and we’ve got to be able to deliver it. And people have got to want to take that vaccine.” [Bill Gates is receiving a nice return on his funding of the WHO.] -GEG

House Democrats Pass 1800-Page New $3-Trillion Virus Tax Bill

US: A study released by the University of Chicago reports that 33-million jobs have been lost since the lockdown, and more than 40% of them are gone forever. 14-million Americans will be unemployed.

The House passed a bill, outrageously called the HEROES Act, that gives Illegal aliens the same $1,200 that Americans received from the the last bill. There are no heroes here, only plunderers and victims. For every dollar given, taxpayers will pay at least three dollars in added taxes and rising prices, perhaps much more. Other gruesome consequences are described by Tucker Carlson in this report.

The U.S. House late Friday approved a massive, $3 trillion coronavirus spending package that would, among other things, provide a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks, $200 billion in hazard pay for essential workers – including those at Electric Boat shipyards– and extend the federal $600-per-week unemployment benefits for six more months.

The HEROES Act, was approved on a 208-199 vote, with the unanimous support of Connecticut’s House members, all Democrats.

“The HEROES Act is a critical $3 trillion-dollar rescue for our front line workers, cities and states, our small businesses, and it creates the kind of modern day safety net I have been fighting for with so many brave allies in and outside the U.S. Congress,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro during floor debate on the legislation.

But the 1,800-page bill attracted only one House GOP vote — that of retiring Rep. Peter King of New York, and is not likely to be considered in the Republican-led Senate.

Like many of his Republican colleagues, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California called the rescue package a “Democratic political messaging bill” that had “no chance of passing the Senate.” And the White House has threatened a veto of the bill as currently written.

Still, some of its provisions are likely to survive upcoming negotiations expected among the White House, Senate Republicans and House Democrats to produce a bill that would pass both chambers and secure President Donald Trump’s signature.

The White House has signaled it may support providing more money to state and local governments, although Trump may insist on less than the $875 billion the House-approved HEROES Act would provide.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont was among the governors — both Democratic and Republican — who lobbied for more federal aid.

“Governors of both parties spoke with a unified voice when we asked Congress to deliver urgently needed relief to state and local governments and the citizens we serve,” Lamont said in a statement. “The HEROES Act answers the call.

Some congressional Republicans say they are open to another round of stimulus checks, but that support may be limited to payments that are less generous than what the HEROES Act would provide.

The bill approved in the U.S. House Friday would provide a $1,200 stimulus payment to most American adults and $1,200 for each child, but no more than $6,000 to each family.

The HEROES Act would also provide stimulus payments to immigrants, an idea that was heatedly attacked by the GOP and is not likely to become law.

The first round of stimulus checks were given only to Americans with valid Social Security numbers, a requirement aimed at shutting out undocumented immigrants from receiving the cash.  Democrat argued the requirement hurt “mixed families,” including 1.2 million American citizens married to undocumented immigrants.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., mocked Democrats for the idea.

“We forgot to have the Treasury Department send money to people here illegally,” McConnell said. “My goodness, what an oversight. Thank goodness Democrats are on the case.”

McConnell, and other Republicans, said Congress should wait to determine the full impact of previous stimulus bills, which have cost trillions of dollars and ballooned the deficit.

But Democrats say there’s an urgent need for more federal help.

“I voted for The Heroes Act today because it is a bill for the people at a time when the people need it most,” said Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-5th District. “Further assistance cannot wait – Congress must act now.”

Another possible poison pill for the GOP in the HEROES Act is a proposed two-year suspension of the $10,000 cap on the deductibility of state and local income taxes (SALT) on federal tax forms. That cap has hurt residents in  high-income, high-tax “blue” states like Connecticut.

McConnell called the effort to suspend the SALT cap “a tax code giveaway to high earners in blue states.”

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