Texas Governor Orders Release of Jailed Hair-Salon Owner, Criticizes Judge

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an order for the immediate release of Shelley Luther, the Dallas hair-salon owner who opened her business without government permission. The governor modified his Covid-19 executive order to “eliminate confinement as a punishment for violating the order.” Judge Eric Moye sentenced Luther to seven days in jail and ordered her to pay $7,000 in fines after she refused to apologize or admit that she was being “selfish”. Jails are releasing criminals to stop the spread of COVID-19, yet citizens who want to work to support their families are thrown into jail.  -GEG

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Whistleblower: CBS News Staged Fake COVID-19 Testing Line In Michigan

An insider came forward to Project Veritas with hidden camera recordings revealing how CBS News organized a fake coronavirus testing line at the Cherry Health facility in Grand Rapids, and used “fake patients” recruited from the medical staff to make the CBS news report look authentic. CBS denied staging the event and removed the Cherry Health portion from the piece. -GEG

’60 Minutes’ Exposes 1976 Swine Flu Hoax & Mass Vaccine Injuries That Followed

In 1976, the US government declared that everyone should take a vaccine to stop a national pandemic from the Swine flu. At that time, the US had a population of 218-million people, and 46-million took the vaccine. Four-thousand were injured by the vaccine and filed lawsuits for-$3.5 billion. Most of the claims were for neurological damage and death. According to 60 Minutes, the vaccine was never even tested, although the media propaganda proclaimed that it was safe and effective – and necessary to prevent the spread of a pandemic that never was. -GEG