How to Create a False Pandemic, by Jon Rappoport

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Jon Rappoport, who has studied epidemics and pandemics for 35 years, marshals the evidence in this series of podcasts that the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most colossal deceptions the world has ever seen. This is a long-form treatment of the topic, but it will grip your attention from the start, and you will not begrudge the time to hear it through. We will not attempt to summarize the scope of this report except to say that it is divided into three parts:

Part 1: The origin of the pandemic narrative and the fallacy of a single cause.
Part 2: The professional virus hunters who serve the medical cartel.
Part 3: Motives, goals, and the ugly end game.

This is investigative journalism at its best.

The Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport

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Recent stories & commentary

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Harvard Study Finds Covid-19 Surged Most Among Vaxxed Communities

October 21, 2021 NewsWars 1

Of the top 5 counties in the US that have the highest percentage of population fully vaccinated (99.9–84.3%), the CDC identified 4 of them as ‘High’ Transmission counties. Conversely, of the 57 counties that were classified as ‘low’ transmission counties by the CDC, 26.3% had a population fully vaccinated below 20%.

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Colorado Governor Pays Children to Get Tested for Covid and Encourages People to Lie to their Families about Getting Vaxxed

Governor Polis encouraged kids and spouses to lie about taking a Covid vaccine: “A spouse, a parent you live with who doesn’t want to get it, is against it… you can still privately get that vaccine without your partner knowing if that’s what keeps the harmony in the family and you are protecting yourself.”


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Beata Smith
Beata Smith
1 year ago

This was an excellent “primer.” I think this report has also illuminated the trend for people to generally loose trust in their fellow citizens and to increase their trust in their government and its institutions, as a result of this faked pandemic. The economic destruction caused by the lock-down, plus increased trust in and perceived need for more control will result in the selling of the “Smart” cities. Once we have them, freedom and privacy disappear, and technology is used to monitor, regulate, and control health, activities, behaviors, and thoughts.