Congressman called ‘Most Hated Man in Washington’ Stands Alone Against Bailout

Thomas Massie explains that the Coronavirus stimulus bill is the largest wealth transfer in human history and would make Roman emperors blush. $6-trillion divided by US population means each family will pay $60,000. $1,200 given back to taxpayers is “cheese” in the trap. Most of the money will go to banks and large corporations with political influence. Massie says the House avoided a recorded vote because they fear being booted out of office in future elections if it could be proved they voted for the bill. This is a long interview but is packed with inside glimpses of how corrupt Congress has become. -GEG

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Chuck Kimberl
Chuck Kimberl
9 months ago

Thomas Massie is my representative in the U.S. House of Representatives and is one of the only true Americans there. I could not be prouder of him. He is a fighter for our Constitution and a very moral, honorable man. If the rest of the House were made up of men like Thomas we wouldn’t be in the financial and police state mess we find ourselves in.

Bill Goode
Bill Goode
9 months ago

Washington DC is a city of just over 700,000 people. There are just over 500 people in Congress, who don’t even live in Washington, but just work there. Congressman Massie may be hated by the 500, who were invonvenienced by his insistence they do their job and vote. On the other hand, I suspect he is deeply admired by most of the 700,000, who don’t get to vote with those 500. I’m sure he is deeply admired by the millions across the country who support the US Constitution, as Congressman Massie does. Nuts to the 500 or so who were… Read more »

SS-The Independent
SS-The Independent
9 months ago
Reply to  Bill Goode

You are right, Bill, but we shouldn’t forget that in Washington and across the country are many on welfare, or other form of public assistance. And a lot which still at every ‘ corner ‘ of our laws…through lobby and other form of ‘ legalized ‘ corruption…Sad, but true…

9 months ago

“they fear being booted out of office in future elections if it could be proved they voted for the bill.”

All that effort for naught, since that will be a pretty tough argument to make about a unanimous vote.

5 months ago

Wow! A real pro-American in the HoRs (House of [mis]Representatives). Patriotic! Imagine that. Rarer than hen’s teeth.
Opposite of the other 534 anti-Constitution, neo-amerikkan, bolshevik scumballs.