“So It Was a Hoax?” – Fox News’ John Roberts Caught on Hot Mic Discussing COVID-19

John Roberts, the Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News, was recorded on a hot mic in the White House briefing room. He told a technician he could take off his mask, because USC and LA County Health Department released a study that found the mortality rate for COVID-19 is the same as for seasonal flu. The technician concluded; “So, it was a hoax?” During the press briefing that followed, John Roberts asked Dr. Birx about this California study , but she dodged his question completely.

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Protesters Outside Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s Home Call for Rent Cancellation

Several tenants groups held a car protest outside the home of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and called for ALL rent to be canceled. He already issued a directive that no one can be evicted for non-payment of rent. Now the landlords cannot pay their mortgages or taxes, so the government – which caused this crisis in the first place – will ‘print’ money to cover their losses. [Don’t be surprised if everyone soon will demand their food bills and utility bills and gasoline bills also to be paid by the government. There is no end to such insanity except chaos, violence, and tyranny.] -GEG

Despite issuing moratoriums on evictions and freezing rent payments, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is coming under fire from some groups who say he has not done enough to protect tenants.

Dozens of vehicles streamed past the mayor’s Hancock Park home Sunday. A coalition of groups held a protest in their cars. Activists want the mayor to immediately cancel rent.

Unemployment numbers have skyrocketed during the coronavirus crisis. Protesters say L.A. residents who are already struggling may find it nearly impossible to pay rent.

The mayor banned evictions of those impacted by COVID-19 and issued a temporary rent freeze, but activists say that’s not enough.

“We’re here to support Los Angeles Tenants Union and their push to have the moratorium extended to not paying it because we don’t want to see the problem of homelessness worsen,” said protester Rita Dunn.

Raymond Hovsepian, an attorney representing renters and property owners, says some landlords are also in debt.

“Landlords are also having a tough time,” said Hovsepian. “Some landlords can’t pay their property taxes, some can’t pay their mortgages.”

Protesters are also demanding that vacant hotels be used as emergency housing and say landlords who harass or mislead tenants should be penalized.
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Rep. Ilhan Omar Offers Bill to Cancel Rent & Mortgage Payments – But Not Her Salary

Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar introduced a bill last week calling for the cancellation of rent and mortgage payments through the end of the coronavirus pandemic. The legislation would establish a fund for landlords and mortgage holders to cover losses from the canceled payments. That means that potential bank losses would be transferred to taxpayers. It would authorize another fund to finance the purchase of private rental properties by non-profits, public housing authorities, cooperatives, community land trusts, and states or local governments. This would transfer hard assets from private hands to governments and so-called non-profit institutions. The total takeover by the state is in the making before our eyes. -GEG

Rep. Ihan Omar (D-Minn.) introduced a bill last week calling for the cancellation of rent and mortgage payments through the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The bill would constitute a full payment forgiveness, with no accumulation of debt for renters or homeowners and no negative impact on their credit rating or rental history,” according to a press release.

The legislation will establish a relief fund for landlords and mortgage holders to cover losses from the cancelled payments and create an optional fund to fully finance the purchase of private rental properties by non-profits, public housing authorities, cooperatives, community land trusts, and states or local governments—in order to increase the availability of affordable housing during this downturn,” the press release added.

The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act also calls for any rent already paid to be reimbursed to the tenant.

The measure also calls for the renters not to be penalized by credit agencies for not paying rent.

“The nonpayment of rent by a tenant or tenant household shall not be reported to a consumer reporting agency nor shall such nonpayment adversely affect a tenant or member of a tenant household’s credit score,” the bill stated.

The bill is co-sponsored by the so-called “squad” – Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.). Also listed as co-sponsors are Reps. Pramila Jaypal (D-Wash.), Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), Veronica Escobar (D-Texas), Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D-Ill.) and Grace Meng (D-N.Y.).

Omar said that COVID-19 crisis “is more than just a public health crisis — it’s an economic crisis.”

“The coronavirus crisis is more than just a public health crisis—it’s an economic crisis. Minnesotans are losing jobs, getting their hours reduced, and struggling just to put food on the table. We must take major action to protect the health and economic security of the most vulnerable, including the millions of Americans currently at risk of housing instability and homelessness,” she said.

The congresswoman said that Congress has the “responsibility to step in to stabilize both local communities and the housing market during this time of uncertainty and crisis.”

“In 2008, we bailed out Wall Street. This time, it’s time to bail out the American people who are suffering,” Omar said in a statement.

Pressley said housing “a human right.”

“Housing is a critical determinant of public health, and that has never been more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Pressley said in a statement. “We must take bold, urgent action that meets the scale and scope of this crisis, and keeps families whole.

“By cancelling rent and mortgage payments for the duration of this public health emergency, the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act affirms that housing is a human right and ensures that no person or family is forced to choose between putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their head during this unprecedented crisis,” she said.

“The federal government must step up to provide relief for vulnerable renters while also ensuring that small mom and pop landlords who rely on rental income for survival aren’t left behind,” Jayapal said in a statement.

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Fauci’s Lockdown: 2.9-Million Americans Are Already Delinquent on Home Loans!

2.9-million Americans are already delinquent on their home loans, and the number will continue to climb. Meanwhile, JP Morgan increased its standards for new home loans by implementing credit scores above 700 and 20% down payment to purchase a home!

You can’t shut down the world’s largest economy for a month and not expect repercussions.

On March 15, 2020, Dr Anthony Fauci told Jon Karl on ABC that the US could expect up to 21 million coronavirus hospitalizations and up to 1.7 million coronavirus deaths in the US.

And Dr. Fauci admitted this week that he and Dr. Birx sat with President Trump last month and urged him to lockdown and crush the US economy based on their flawed predictions.

At that time NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY had coronavirus deaths over 10,000 yet they were pushing the wildly outlandish claim that the US could expect 1.7 million deaths!

Of course, they were using the garbage models from the IHME.

Now a month later the US reached its peak in coronavirus deaths and the total so far is 34,700 deaths in the US or less deaths than a typical seasonal flu virus.

In the meantime the economic shutdown has already shattered the economy.

2.9 million Americans are already delinquet on their home loans.
This number will continue to climb.
This is a national disaster created entirely by doctors and so-called experts pushing ridiculous numbers to the public.

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Doctor Debunks Scientific Paper Claiming COVID-19 Is the Causative Agent of Illness

Dr. Andrew Kaufman has exhaustively analyzed a paper, Identification of Coronavirus Isolated from a Patient in Korea with COVID-19, and found it to be fraudulent on many counts! The paper was authored by Jeong-Min Kim, from Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and claims that what we now call the coronavirus was identified as the “causative agent” of illness. This paper became the primary source of information relied upon by governments around the word to justify locking down their citizens and causing catastrophic economic collapse. This presentation is technical and detailed, but that is necessary, because it proves beyond doubt that there is no scientific basis for the narrative of a coronavirus pandemic. Without the exquisite attention to technical details, it likely would be ignored, because it runs counter to consensus. If you are not interested in, please skip to the conclusions. However, for peace of mind and confidence in your understanding, you really should power though this amazing expose of a crime. -GEG

Paper from Korea by Jeong-Min Kim that Dr. Kaufman debunks:


Dr. Fauci Thinks Dating Is an ‘Essential’ Activity, But Working for a Living Is Not

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of president Trump’s coronavirus task force, is demanding that people ‘shelter in place’ and practice ‘social distancing’ but, when asked whether strangers should hookup using dating apps, Fauci said, “If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk.” [If Fauci really is concerned about the spread of a virus, he would have to favor a stop to all dating just as he favors closing down businesses and preventing children from visiting their grandparents. Think about it.] -GEG

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the scientific lead in the president’s coronavirus task force, has advised people to practice social distancing, but when asked whether asymptomatic strangers should hookup using apps such as Tinder and Grindr, Fauci said, “If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk.”

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made his remarks during an April 14 interview on Snapchat’s “Good Luck America.”

As reported by The New York Post, toward the end of the interview Fauci was asked, “If you’re swiping on a dating app like Tinder, or Bumble or Grindr, and you match with someone that you think is hot, and you’re just kind of like, ‘Maybe it’s fine if this one stranger comes over.’ What do you say to that person?”

Fauci replied, “You know, that’s tough, because that’s what’s called relative risk.”

“If you’re willing to take a risk — and you know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks — you could figure out if you want to meet somebody,” said Fauci. “And it depends on the level of interaction you want to have.”

“If you’re looking for a friend, sit in a room,” he said. “Put  a mask on and chat a bit.”

He added, “If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk.”

Tinder is a dating/hookup app with a reported 57 million users worldwide in 190 countries. According to the Pew Research Center, an estimated 30% of U.S. adults have used Tinder.

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