Turkey: President Erdogan’s Strategy to Flood Europe with Refugees Backfires As EU Gives Greeks $780M to Protect Their Border

Migrants traveling to the border of Greece to enter the EU. Youtube
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced he would allow refugees staying in Turkey to enter Europe. The EU responded by pledging $780 million in aid to Greece to stop mass migration across its border. The EU accused Turkey of using the migrants as a tool to pressure Brussels to offer more money or support for Ankara’s geopolitical aims in the Syrian conflict. Turkey is hosting about four million refugees and migrants that have reportedly destabilized the country the same way they’ve destabilized Europe, and Erdogan is desperate to remove them.

Fox News reported that the majority of migrants gathering at the border of Greece appeared to be from Afghanistan, and their travel appeared well organized with buses, cars, and taxis from Istanbul ferrying them to the border. Some of those who managed to cross said they were told by Turkish authorities to go to Greece and that the border was open.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan thought that by sending tens of thousands of “crying refugees” to invade Greece it would cause Europeans to cave and throw open their borders as happened in 2015 — instead he ran into the army of Sparta.

Sotiri Dimpinoudis @Sotiridimp

Picture last night of Greek military posing with a Greek flag at the borders in in , protecting their borders with proud.

BasedPoland @BasedPoland

Local Greek residents have formed vigilante groups that help the border guards, police & army to catch groups of migrants that have managed to cross the border

The hand them over to the border guards who then push them back over the border to “no man’s land”

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Raymond Eaton
Raymond Eaton
8 months ago

I find it comical that we have been told by the left that we have to value other culture as equal to our own (western culture) yet people flee other cultures by the millions to enter Europe or the United States. Don’t they value their OWN cultures as being equal to the West? Hmmm…..

8 months ago

Finally, something good from the EU. Now have the Greeks shoot to kill any and all invaders from Turkey, by land or by sea.