Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Says that WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Is Being Used as a Warning to Journalists

Roger Waters, Youtube
Julian Assange is facing extradition charges to the US for espionage, which could lead to over 170 years in prison if he is convicted for publishing secret documents and a video of attacks by the US on civilians in the Iraq War. Tucker Carlson interviewed Roger Waters, the co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd, who said that Assange is being used as an example to discourage other journalists from publishing information that the ruling powers do not want published. He said that the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Manchester Guardian all published the same information as WikiLeaks, but only Assange has been charged.

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Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell
3 months ago

Those who’ve thoughtfully pondered Pink Floyd’s lyrics know those lyrics critique society; rather philosophically, and not admiringly. For example, “Money”, “Us and them”, “Time”, and a line like “the paper holds their folded faces to the floor, and everyday the paperboy brings more.” (all Dark Side of the Moon) are powerful truisms about living in our lifetimes. “Have a Cigar” (Wish You Were Here), and, the Animals album’s “Sheep”, “Dogs” (i.e., ravenous wolves, packs of carnivorous [man-eating] hunters), “Pigs” (i.e., traitorous pig political hacks and predatory businessmen) are commentaries on societal parasites that unfortunately wield control over Humankind. The Wall’s… Read more »

Raymond Eaton
Raymond Eaton
3 months ago

Pardon him and turn him loose. A free society should never fear the truth or censor the free flow of information. While you’re at it, abolish ALL of the “intelligence” agencies. They just ABUSE their power to lie to and manipulate the people.