Patient Deaths Are Deployed to Sell the Coronavirus Story

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Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport stated that death by itself does not equal coronavirus, and that the word ‘death’ is being matched with the virus to make people believe in lethal outbreaks. He analyzed the nine deaths in Washington state and revealed that the body count included “presumed” coronavirus deaths that could have other causes. It is unknown whether the people who died were treated with toxic anti-viral drugs or whether they had preexisting lung conditions.

I’m not going to keep reporting on the deaths of so-called coronavirus patients—there will be too many stories emerging.

This article will briefly analyze the media coverage of nine deaths in Washington state. That coverage is typical.

First, let’s get one thing straight. Death by itself does not equal coronavirus.

“…approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the US approximately every 12 seconds.” (

Understood? The psy-op is: put death and coronavirus in the same sentence. People will unthinkingly buy it.

CBS News, March 4: “The number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. rose to nine on Tuesday, according to health officials. All of the deaths occurred in Washington state.”

That paragraph convinces most people the state of Washington is experiencing an outbreak. What else could it be? Answer: it could be anything. It could be several anythings. March 3: “Health officials on Tuesday announced three more presumed coronavirus deaths in the Seattle area, bringing the Washington state death toll to nine.”

The key word in that paragraph is “presumed.” No test results are in yet. And even when they do come in—as I’ve been detailing in these pages—the tests are inadequate and worthless for diagnosing illness and disease.

Kuow: “A woman in her 80s also died on February 26 from the virus. She was in her 80s and did not go to the hospital.”

I see. In her 80s. “From the virus.” Couldn’t have been sick at home from other causes. No. Of course not. Couldn’t have been treated with a whole array of toxic pharmaceuticals for a long time.

Kuow: “Many of the [coronavirus] affected individuals have ties to the Life Care Center, a long-term care facility in Kirkland. Reported cases include residents, their family members, and employees.”

Long-term care facility. The people there, who are ill, long term, certainly couldn’t be suffering for reasons other than THE VIRUS. Right? And the employees—what, they “tested positive” for THE VIRUS, and so they are “affected?”

Were any of the “presumptive” people in the state of Washington treated with highly toxic antiviral drugs? Of course, no one is looking into it.

How many of the people who died had prior lung conditions, long before “the new coronavirus emerged?”

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