New York Sets Up Containment Zone for Coronavirus, Deploys National Guard

Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus this weekend and deployed the National Guard to establish a one-mile containment area in what he said was the “most significant cluster [of COVID-19 cases] in the country.” [The actual number is 89 cases, and there are no deaths reported – similar to the flu.] -GEG

After declaring a state of emergency Saturday over the coronavirus epidemic, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is taking increasingly dramatic steps this week to address the issue, including deploying the National Guard to help establish a one-mile containment area in what the governor has described as the “most significant cluster [of COVID-19 cases] in the country.”

As NBC News New York details, Westchester County — particularly New Rochelle, from which a lawyer linked to multiple COVID-19 cases hails — has become a hotbed of coronavirus infections, accounting for around 60% of all tri-state cases.

When Cuomo declared the state of emergency Saturday, New York had 89 confirmed cases. As of Tuesday, that number rose to 173, the second-most of any state in the country (Washington has confirmed 179). Westchester County contains 108 of the state’s cases.

Because of the concentration of cases in New Rochelle, the city will soon be the site of a satellite testing facility as well as a one-square mile containment area within the city intended to prevent further spreading of the virus.

To help carry out these measures, Cuomo deployed the National Guard Tuesday to the Health Department “command post” in the area, from which servicemembers will conduct operations in the containment zone, including helping to sanitize surfaces and deliver food, NBC reports.

The plan is for that particularly high-risk area in New Rochelle to be contained for two weeks, through March 25. During that time, NBC notes, public schools within the containment zone will be closed.

“New Rochelle is home to the midtown Manhattan lawyer who has been linked to dozens of cases across multiple states,” NBC explains. “He was the second confirmed case in New York and its first instance of community spread.”

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