Martial Law? Massive Number of Tanks Transported By Trains Across California

Tanks transported by trains in California, Youtube
Photos and videos of armored military vehicles being transported by train through Southern California started popping up online with claims that the sight was related to the governor deploying the National Guard in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Officials took to Twitter and claimed it was only routine movement and that the National Guard has not been officially mobilized. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted in January 2017 that there would be a “surprise outbreak” challenging the Trump administration. [We are posting these videos of military train movements to document the truth of the reports, but please be aware that some of the comments heard on these videos do not represent our viepoint.] -GEG

After photos and videos of armored military vehicles being moved through Southern California started popping up online with claims that the sight was related to the coronavirus pandemic, officials took to Twitter to quash the rumors and explain it was only routine movement.

The images showed hundreds of tank-like vehicles being hauled on a train over the past week, with some social media users tying the movement to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s deployment of the California National Guard to assist with COVID-19 aid efforts.

But the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department explained on Tuesday that “tanks on train cars” are not related to the state’s efforts to fight the pandemic. The vehicles appear to be Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

“Just our brave service members moving equipment… There is no reason to be alarmed,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva have both emphasized that the National Guard troops haven’t officially been mobilized in the county — and that any help they provide would be humanitarian in nature.

That includes helping distribute supplies at food banks and assisting with transporting patients, according to the sheriff.

“Any logistical movements at Port Hueneme and Naval Air Station Point Mugu are just routine in nature to keep America’s deployed forces ready,” Naval Base Ventura County said Tuesday in a tweet accompanied by photos of the tanks on the train.

Naval Base Ventura County said it “continues to support the Department of Defense in routine air and port operations.”

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Mr. Griffin, I am an Eastern-European living legally in this Country for the last 25 years ( American Citizen ). I have started preparing for an event like this since last crisis ( ’07-’08 ), even if I was hoping that never we will witness/live it. But deep in my mind I knew the truth: Is our generation ‘ TURN ‘ to ‘ live those interesting times ‘ and either fight for our liberties ( or what’s left from it ), or accept the slavery of NWO and be cursed by our children and grandchildren…You did your part, Sir. Thank… Read more »


“I will repeat what I said in an earlier article: I am so disappointed in the human race… Not surprised, mind you, as I have known for years what a spineless bunch of hypocrites the majority of people really are, but nevertheless disappointed at how easily they have succumbed to tyranny. And they will now get what they deserve, but the tragedy in that fact is that we – the few – will be dragged down with those pathetically-weak, feeble-minded masses, who are too detached from reality to understand that NO HONEST government would EVER close down a Trillion Pound… Read more »

Beata Smith
Beata Smith

In central Alabama last night, we saw, in the dark, a line of sixteen aircraft moving together toward the southwest. There may have been more, but we saw these. We could not hear them, but saw their lights like stars. There may have been more preceding those, but we only saw and counted sixteen. They must have been quite high. I do not know the time it was, but it was somewhere between 8 and 9 pm. It is quite easy to move things at night when most people are at home in bed.