Chicago Mayor Says Those who go Outside to Exercise are Subject to Arrest

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Youtube
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened fines and arrest for people who defy her stay-at-home order. She threatened to shut down parks and lakefront public areas. She said that outdoors is only for brief respite, not long long exposure. Playgrounds also were shut down. Interim Police Superintendent Charlie Beck said that the public-health order is a mandate that carries a $500 fine, if violated once. Repeat offenders will be arrested. This is the face of martial law. -GEG

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened to shut down public areas on Wednesday after becoming increasingly frustrated with people disobeying the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The mayor’s warning also made clear that anyone breaking the new measure would be fined or even possibly arrested, reported CBS Chicago.

“Stay at home. Only go out for essentials. You have to readjust your thinking. Be smart,” Lightfoot said at a Wednesday afternoon press conference. “Not only will our police be deployed to shut them down if you are not abiding by these orders we will be forced to shut down the parks and lakefront. The situation Is deadly serious and we need you take it deadly seriously.”

Lightfoot said the public is forbidden to spend long periods outdoors amid a virus crisis that is sweeping across the state.

“You cannot go on long bike rides. Playgrounds are shut down. You must abide by the order. Outside, is for a brief respite, not for 5Ks. I can’t emphasize enough that we abide the rules.”

y Wednesday evening, it was unclear if the mayor directed the police to shut down part of the Lakefront Trail community park. A YouTube video surfaced on Wednesday night, showing the incident, where officers told people on the trail to turn around.

Doctor Allison Arwady from the Chicago Department of Public Health said the mayor’s social distancing measures serve as a means to flatten the pandemic curve and slowdown infections in the region.

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23 days ago

Are we watching a zombie movie ? Oh NO ! ! That is the Chi mayor.