Report: FBI Puts White Nationalists And Neo-Nazis ‘On The Same Threat Level As ISIS’

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in a hearing that racially motivated extremism is as much of a threat to national security as ISIS, and he called it a “national threat priority”. He said, “We’re particularly focused on domestic terrorism, especially racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.” His announcement comes just two weeks after the FBI arrested eight members of ‘The Base’, which was labeled as a neo-Nazi group, but its leader was exposed as a federal contractor and suspected federal agent. [Critics believe that plots orchestrated by the FBI and their informants are used to frighten Americans into accepting more and more restrictions on their freedom in the name of fighting terrorism or racism or hate.] -GEG

Does this mean white nationalists and neo-Nazis are going to get state funding and be provided with arms?

allegedly discussing firing into the crowd during the large pro-gun rally in Virginia last month. In recent months, the FBI also foiled two synagogue bombings, Wray said.

How many of those plots were organized by the FBI?

exposed the leader of “The Base” as a military contractor and suspected federal agent.
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