260 Million Christians Experience ‘High Levels of Persecution’

Open Doors published its World Watch List 2020 and reported that, every day, eight Christians are killed for their faith and 23 Christians are raped or sexually harassed. Every week, there are attacks against 182 Christian churches or buildings, and 102 Christian homes, shops or businesses are destroyed. The most acute persecution occurs in North Korea, but Afghanistan is close behind. North Korea’s persecution is driven by a virulent atheistic Communist ideology which views Christians as traitors of the state because their allegiance is to God, instead of Kim Jong Un. Currently, some 50,000 to 75,000 Christians live inside North Korea’s massive prison system where starvation and physical and mental abuse are part of their sentence. Other countries that have a high rate of persecuting Christians include Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, and India. -GEG

Christian persecution around the globe reached an unprecedented level at the end of 2019, with over 260 million Christians facing “high levels of persecution,” Open Doors revealed Wednesday.

In its World Watch List 2020, Open Doors notes that one in 8 believers around the world suffers serious levels of persecution, while providing an in-depth look at the 50 countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian.

In a nutshell, the new report reveals, every day, eight Christians are killed because of their faith and 23 Christians are raped or sexually harassed; every week, 182 Christian churches or buildings are attacked and 102 Christian homes, shops or businesses are attacked, burned, or destroyed; every month, 309 Christians are imprisoned unjustly.

The most acute persecution of Christians occurs in North Korea, the report found, but Afghanistan is close behind in the number two slot.

In the case of North Korea, persecution is driven by a virulent atheistic Communist ideology which views the estimated 200,000 to 400,000 Christians as traitors of the state because their allegiance is to God, not supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Moreover, they also form part of the lowest “hostile class” in the country’s social stratification system called Songbun.

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General Flynn Seeks to Withdraw Guilty Plea as His Lawyer Accuses Prosecutor of Suborning Perjury

US General Flynn, who pleaded guilty to making false statements while meeting with FBI agents in January 2017, filed a motion seeking to withdraw that guilty plea, accusing the government of acting in “bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement.” Attorney Sidney Powell, who is representing General Michael Flynn, filed the motion after the DOJ demanded Flynn spend at least 6 months in jail claiming he was not cooperating. Powell says the prosecutor, Mr. Van Grack, committed subornation of perjury, which is the crime of persuading a person to lie under oath. She says the Mueller investigation team prosecuted Flynn to support obstruction charges against President Trump. -GEG

The attorney for Gen. Michael Flynn revealed the legal team has “evidence” that the DOJ prosecutor in the case against the former national security advisor pushed him to commit perjury.

Attorney Sidney Powell explained to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Wednesday that lead prosecutor Brandon Van Grack committed subornation of perjury, effectively pushing Flynn into lying to the court.

Flynn, who pleaded guilty in Dec. 2017 to making false statements while meeting with FBI agents in January 2017, filed a motion Tuesday seeking to withdraw that guilty plea, accusing the government of acting in “bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement.”

The filing came just days after the Justice Department made an about-face in previous recommendations that Flynn be given a sentence of probation with no jail time, now demanding he faces up to six months in jail because he was not cooperating.

Dobbs expressed how “infuriated” he felt at the developments in the case as he spoke with Powell on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Wednesday.

“This is the Trump administration’s Justice Department” going after the retired United States Army Lieutenant General.

“We have evidence now that they were actually trying to force Mr. Flynn to lie to a jury and a judge in the Eastern District of Virginia last summer, and they knew that’s what they were trying to do then,” Powell told Dobbs.

“We have a redlined document showing that Mr. Van Grack himself transmitted to Covington, the prosecutor from the special counsel’s task force, who’s still running this prosecution … yes, he has a history. He was with Mr. Weissmann on the special counsel operation and determined to take down General Flynn because that was their path to the president,” she explained.

“They had to prosecute Flynn to try to pursue the obstruction mess,” Powell added.

“So what is in store here? He’s due to be sentenced this month, correct?” Dobbs asked.

“Correct, but the government has already agreed for a motion for a continuum. The judge has not entered an order on that yet but they agreed to a 30-day continuance,” Powell replied.

In the motion filed this week, Flynn’s attorneys argued that the “prosecution has shown abject bad faith in pure retaliation against Mr. Flynn since he retained new counsel,” referring to Flynn’s termination of Covington & Burling LLP as his counsel in 2018.

“This can only be because, with new, unconflicted counsel, Mr. Flynn refused to lie for the prosecution,” the attorneys wrote in the filing.

Dobbs expressed his outrage at the DOJ’s handling of the case.

“This sounds like the most antithetical to justice case I’ve seen in recent memory and I’ve seen some beauties given the special counsel and the other madness in the efforts to overthrow this president,” he interjected.

“What I am seeing and finding by the day is an absolute outrage,” Powell remarked.

“What my three colleagues just found before I came over here is that Mr. Van Grack actually changed the language in the statement of offense they created against General Flynn and knew that. So when he tried to, when he said last summer that he wanted Flynn to testify to something he knew because he did it himself that it wasn’t true,” she recounted.

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West Virginia Invites 2nd-Amendment Sanctuary Counties from Neighboring Virginia to Secede And Join Their State

West Virginia lawmakers have introduced a resolution inviting Virginia’s Second-Amendment sanctuary counties to legally secede from their state and “be admitted to the body politic of the State of West Virginia.” In order to join West Virginia, the consent of Virginia’s Legislature and of a majority of the qualified voters is needed. West Virginia promised that if Virginia joins them, their firearms rights shall be protected to the fullest extent possible under their Federal and State Constitution. -GEG

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Why Big Telecom Is Facing Increasing Push Back in the Roll Out of 5G

US: Opposition is growing against the roll out of 5G cell-tower technology primarily because of health concerns. The roll out has been characterized as a race against China for the US to be the first nation to attain 5G saturation – with no time to worry about such a silly thing as safety.  This article contains a long list of research projects and public actions taken around the world to oppose implementation of 5G until safety is established by independent analysis not funded by the telecoms or the government, which is heavily influenced by them. Although there is concern over the use of 5G to implement a surveillance state, the immediate concern is that 5G may be a killer technology. [The same frequencies and antenna-delivery systems already have been adopted by the military for use as weapons of war and crowd control. The public is slowly waking up to the reality that the real race is to get the technology fully implemented before the the push back becomes too large to ignore.] -GEG

The telecommunications companies and the mainstream media would have you believe that the race to roll out 5G is unstoppable. That you are nothing and no one in the face of a lethal multi-trillion-dollar agenda imposed by some of the most powerful entities on the planet.

They thought that if they called their new, alleged “communications technology”, adapted from the military Active Denial Technology, “5G” or fifth generation, the public would just assume that it was more of the same as 4G, 3G or 2G. And if they could characterise the rollout as a race, the public would not have enough time to find out what a killer technology 5G is. How wrong they were! Not only has the public found out, but now they know how lethal previous generations of wireless technology – to be used concurrently with 5G – are as well.

Below is the evidence from a number of different countries that the pushback is huge and growing. The telcos have lost the propaganda war, despite their control of the mainstream media, from which not a whisper of the dangers of 5G is heard, and of social media and Youtube, who have been desperately deleting millions of accounts to silence the naysayers.

As this article went to press, support arrived from an unexpected source. In an impassioned speech before the United Nations General Assembly on 24 September 2019, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that digital authoritarianism is not the stuff of dystopian fantasy but of an emerging reality. He described the Internet of Things, “smart” cities and AI as a giant, dark thundercloud lowering ever more oppressively over the human race, a gathering force reshaping the future of humanity over which the human race has no control and from which, in future, there may be nowhere to hide.

He asked if algorithms could be trusted with our lives and hopes and whether machines should be allowed to doom us to a cold and heartless future in an Orwellian world designed for censorship, repression and control. He recalled the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and endorsed its ideals of upholding freedom of opinion and expression, the privacy of home and correspondence, and the right to seek and impart information and ideas

He exhorted the academic committees, company boards and industry standards groups who are writing the rulebooks of the future, making ethical judgements, and choosing what will or will not be rendered possible to find the right balance between freedom and control, between innovation and regulation, between private enterprise and government oversight. He insisted that the ethical judgements inherent in the design of new technology must be made transparent to all and that joint efforts must be made to agree a common set of global principles to shape the norms and standards that will guide the development of emerging technology.

What follows is a citizen journalist’s list of the actions taken to halt 5G and reports and complaints that have discredited this Machiavellian attempt to foist a disastrous technology on the world in 2019. It is not an exhaustive list and I extend my apologies to all those whose efforts I may have overlooked here and much gratitude to all who have contributed to making this pushback so successful.

However, we cannot afford to be complacent and, in particular, we must work to stop the use of the Earth orbits and the stratosphere to beam 5G down to Earth, for this puts the ionosphere and the entire planet at risk. We must also work to ensure that the use of street lights with blue light for this anti-life agenda is rapidly reversed.

The effort to stop 5G is still gathering momentum and we must continue to work together and tirelessly to protect all life on Earth and the planet itself until this demented plan is relegated to the history books as the most Mephistophelian scheme in the history of humankind.

1 International2018 International Telecommunication Union urges harmonisation of exposure limits. International RF-EMF exposure guidelines refer to the guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) [b-ICNIRP 1998], or of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [b-IEEE C95.1]. These limits are currently under review [b-ICNIRP]. A small group of countries, regions or even cities within the same country, especially in Europe (e.g., Poland, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Paris city and regions in Belgium), use limits that are ten to a hundred times lower. China [25 times lower than the EMF recommendations of the Council of Europe (1999/519)] and India, amongst others, also adopted limits below ICNIRP guidelines. International exposure limits for radio-frequency fields.
2 USA2018 Exposure to Cell Phone and Wireless WiFi Radiation Can Reduce Impulse Control and Cause Violence. A pilot study on six California fire fighters working and sleeping in stations with towers showed symptoms including slowed reaction time, lack of focus, lack of impulse control, severe headaches, anesthesia-like sleep, sleep deprivation, depression, and tremors. Exposure can also increase acts of violence and homicide.
3 USA2018 Scientist Says 1 in 2 children born in 2025 will be autistic – something is clearly causing this health crisis of historic proportions. “If you take the data that the CDC has provided since 1975 and plot it, you can see that it’s an exponential growth curve. You can extend the line. … My feeling is that things are worse than the line. So I think that 1 in 2 in 2025 is not an unreasonable prediction.”
4 USA24 June 18 Author Naomi Wolf reports EMF reactions, cloud anomalies and their correlation with irritable and stressed behaviour in New York.
5 Taiwan28 Dec 18 Taiwan’s five wireless carriers say that they will not rush to roll out 5G services in the absence of a profitable business model to sell the revolutionary technology, in spite of all the use cases that have been suggested.
6 Switzerland2018 The government appoints a group of experts to probe the risks involved with introducing 5G, whose findings should be published by the end of 2019. The Swiss Federation of Doctors also urges caution, maintaining that “as long as there is no scientific proof that raising the radiation limits will not impact health, one must refrain from raising them.”
7 Austria4 January 19 After 5G is officially switched on in Vienna in November 2018, former UN staff member reports Vienna’s first EMF injuries.
8 Austria11 January Court of Auditors slams corrupt “smart” meter contract award for defrauding electricity and gas customers. Concerns about data protection and about power disruption were ignored, energy savings were exaggerated and customers were assured that they would have no extra costs, but left to pick up a 1 billion euro bill for the installation.
9 Europe13 January Journalist group Investigate Europepublishes “The ICNIRP Cartel: Who’s Who in the EMF Research World, an interactive graphic”, exposing conflicts of interest among ICNIRP members.
10 USA14 January Congresswomen Eshoo and Speier introduce BillHR530 to block FCC cell tower pre-emption and preserve local government control and invalidate the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) 26 September 2018 ruling to accelerate the deployment of 5G small cells throughout the US.
11 USA14 January Russia Today (RT) Americaairs the first of 7 reports on the dangers of 5G: 5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’. “Is there a catch?”, asks the presenter. “Just a small one”, comes the reply, “It just might kill you”. The segment is viewed 1.8 million times.
12 European Commission14 January The Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) rates the potential effects on wildlife of increases in electromagnetic radiation from 5G a maximum 3 in terms of scale, urgency and interactions with other ecosystems and species, stating that “The lack of clear evidence to inform the development of exposure guidelines to 5G technology leaves open the possibility of unintended biological consequences”.
13 Italy16 January The Lazio regional administrative court decrees that the ministries of environment, health and education have six months to launch information campaigns on the risks associated with the use of mobile phones.
14 USA25 January The Illinois Supreme Court rules that a woman can sue Six Flags Great America for fingerprinting her childwithout telling her how the data would be used in violation of the state’s biometric law. “This is no mere ‘technicality,’” Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier writes in the opinion. “The injury is real and significant.”
15 Italy30 January An Italian Court in the city of Monza rules the acoustic neuroma brain tumour of an airport employee to be an occupational disease caused by exposure to the radiation from a cell phone he used for over 10 years for his work.
16 USA6 February US Senator Blumenthal definitively establishes that no safety studies have been done on 5G.
17 USAFebruary At least 21 US cities/regions pass ordinances restricting “small cell” installation, and many are charging “recertification fees” to make it unprofitable for the wireless industry.
18 USA9 February Sierra Club California Conservation Committee adopts resolution to ask the National Sierra Club to take an oppose position to the deployment of 5G and small cell technology without local input and environmental review. The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 and is the oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization in the US.
19 Switzerland18 February Study: Radiation From Smartphones May Impair Memory In Teens. A research team at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute says that radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) may negatively affect an adolescent’s brain from cellphone exposure, causing potentially harmful effects on his or her memory performance. The authors say having the device close to one’s head lead to the greatest amount of radiation exposure.
20 UN22 February The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) submits a statement to the UN revealing that allowable international “radiation limits will have to be increased by 30 to 40%” in order to make 5G deployment technologically feasible and calls 5G “an experiment on humanity that constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” in violation of more than 15 international treaties and agreements.
21 ICNIRP3 March Eric Van Rongen, Chair of ICNIRP [self-proclaimed international commission on non-ionizing radiation protection, but actually just a German NGO], the organisation whose non-transparent pronouncements on the international limits at which phones can emit radiofrequency are strangely adopted by UN bodies, calls 5G “a public health experiment”, stating that “It will be necessary to gain more information about the exposure and any health problems that might come from an effect of that exposure”.
22 UK3 March The Daily Telegraph asks, Do smartphones cause cancer? World Health Organisation to assess brain tumour link.
23 USA7 March A class action lawsuit is filed against the FCC by 62 entities and municipalities across the USA. aimed at first slowing down and then vacating the FCC “order and declaratory ruling purporting to streamline the deployment of wireless facilities by pre-empting local government authority”.
24 Netherlands9 March Utrecht City Council decides unanimously to postpone decision-making on 4G and 5Ginfrastructure on new lamp posts until the risks to health and privacy are better understood.
25 France10 March Popular French astrophysicist and philosopher Aurélien Barrau causes a storm In France when he announces on Twitter “5G kills … We have already killed 70% of the living (with almost no global warming). Do we want to choose life or the speed of the telephone network?”

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