Trump Claimed Iran Was Plotting Attacks On 4 US Embassies, But Defense Secretary Mark Esper Says He ‘Didn’t See’ Specific Evidence that Iran Planned to Strike

In addition, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo struggled to explain the threat to the US when he said, “There is no doubt that there were a series of imminent attacks that were being by plotted by Soleimani. We don’t know precisely when and we don’t know precisely where — but it was real.”


Former Federal Agent Blows the Whistle on Alleged Illegal Spy Ring Led by Rod Rosenstein Against Investigative Journalist and Other US Citizens

January 15, 2020 Sharyl Attkisson 2

Sharyl Attkisson filed a lawsuit against Rod Rosenstein for conducting illegal surveillance from 2011 to 2014 under a government operation. A forensic expert said that remote spies had access to Attkisson’s computer, files, photographs, internet activities, and could listen to her audio through Skype.