US Naval Academy Now Offers Satanic Temple Study Group for Midshipmen

Statue of Baphomet, commissioned by The Satanic Temple, YouTube
Annapolis, Maryland: The US Naval Academy, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, is now offering any interested Midshipmen students a “study group” based on the teachings of The Satanic Temple, as the academy supports diversity in beliefs. The Satanic Temple is an IRS-recognized, tax-exempt church. -GEG

The U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, is now offering its Midshipmen students, who are interested, a “study group” based on the teachings of The Satanic Temple.

“A group of Midshipmen with beliefs aligned with those practiced by The Satanic Temple … requested a space where they could assemble to discuss and share their common beliefs,” said academy spokeswoman Cmdr. Alana Garas in a statement, as reported by the Military Times.

The Academy has provided a room for that purpose, reported the Associated Press on Oct. 31. 

The Satanic Temple is an IRS-recognized, tax-exempt church. It engages in religious and political activities, most of which reflect a left-wing ideology and individual centered self-worship. 

As the Temple’s “tenets” state, “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.”


The Satanic Temple is based in Salem, Mass., and has chapters in 17 states and in Canada. The Temple was co-founded by Lucien Greaves and he is the spokesperson for the church. 

In 2015, The Satanic Temple unveiled a large statue of Baphomet, a goat-headed, demonic looking figure with hooves for feet, whose image has been used in occult practices. Two children, a boy and a girl, stand on either side of the creature’s legs.

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Naval Academy Provides Room To Discuss The Satanic Temple

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8 months ago

Remember Michael Aquino, Lieutenant colonel in military intelligence, specializing in psychological warfare, who founded the Temple of Set? He was linked to the Presidio Army daycare satanic pedophile scandal in San Francisco in the late 1980s. Watch a clip of this freak on Oprah:

8 months ago
Reply to  CrimeBusters

Freak, indeed. As a former combat Marine, I see our military quality declining by the day. Tolerating this kind of crap is unbelievable.

Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 13 | Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa
8 months ago

[…] US Naval Academy Now Offers Satanic Temple Study Group for Midshipmen […]