David Icke Argues That Elon Musk Is the Front Man for Development of Technology to Build a Super Race to Control Mere Humans

David Icke analyzes Elon Musk’s role in the global technocratic dictatorship now under construction. Even though Musk has warned that artificial intelligence could lead to the end of humanity, he remains in the forefront of the movement. He created a company called NeuroLink to connect the human brain to computers, and his SpaceX operation now is putting tens-of-thousands of satellites into space to beam 5G at the Earth, designed to become the backbone for a human-control and surveillance grid. Icke believes that, when Musk warns about the danger of Technology, he is merely pretending in an attempt to convince the public that he is on the side of caution and sanity. This is a tactic known as controlled opposition. Technocracy is defined as the control of government, society, and industry by an elite of technical experts. Elon Musk’s grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, was the head of Canada’s technocracy movement in the 1930s. -GEG

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The document defines SAE (Secondary Adverse Event) as an adverse event in someone who was exposed to someone who received the mRNA shot. It lists ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion and neonatal death as SAEs. It then says that exposure during breastfeeding can occur through inhalation or skin contact.


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