G. Edward Griffin Says Bankers Are Going for Broke Because the Economy Is Broke

G. Edward Griffin reveals how inflation cannot go on forever and why the bankers are flooding the economy with money in anticipation of a global collapse. He poses thought-provoking questions about how President Trump was elected, his relationship with Henry Kissinger and George Soros, and his reversal on campaign promises and early accomplishments. -GEG

Edward Griffin, author of the wildly popular book about the Federal Reserve “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” is holding a conference this weekend called “Red Pill Expo.” It is all about waking people up from the illusions they are being told. Griffin explains, “The illusions are in health, in politics and in education. The illusions are in the media, in money and in banking, which is my specialty. So, people are coming, some of whom are informed, but most respond to the slogan we are using for the “Red Pill Expo,” and the slogan is ‘Because you know something is wrong.’ That sort of spells it out for most people, not just in America, but for people all over the world. People everywhere are being fed propaganda, lies and false stimuli of all kinds, but deep in their hearts, deep in their instincts, they know something is wrong.”

What’s wrong in the financial world with the longest expansion in history and the Fed starting QE (money printing) again? Griffin says, “We are living in a system of the banks, by the banks and for the banks, and that is the reality. . . . They see that the wheels are coming off. . . . The system of inflation in which we live cannot go on forever. . . . All systems of exponential growth always collapse. They come to an end at some point, and it’s hard to tell exactly at what point, but you do know there is a breaking point where it just moves beyond reality. The banks know this better than anybody. So, I am assuming that they feel they are at the end. You can smell it. You can see it. You can touch it almost. So, what do you do? . . . I think their thinking is, hey, we are at the end and let’s just grab all we can so when the system collapses, we will be okay. That is kind of a crude way of putting it, but I think they are going for broke because they know it is broke, and there is not much they can do about it.”

So, what’s the plan by the bankers? Griffin says, “I think I know. They are waiting for the big collapse to come. They will personally be okay because they will have amassed hard assets. They are trying to hold all the gold, all the silver, all the real estate and all the stuff that has value. They want all the tools, factories and food supplies, but everything else, based on numbers, paper and debt, that will collapse. So, they will be able to pick up everything for pennies on the dollar.”

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Charles Andrew Robinson
Charles Andrew Robinson
8 months ago

I like Greg, but I stopped listening to his show due to the – what I see – is his faith in Trump. And I voted for Trump, because I sure as hell didn’t want Hillary as president. I agree with you that you cannot become President unless you are selected by the bankers. If you buck the system they take you out just like they did Kennedy. Just like the CIA does to political leaders overseas and in South America – as John Perkins exposed in his book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit man” – first they try to… Read more »

G. Edward Griffin Says Bankers Are Going for Broke Because the Economy Is Broke | WeAreChangeTV.US
8 months ago

[…] 13, 2019 USA Watchdog No Comments This post was originally published on this […]

Don Ferguson
Don Ferguson
6 months ago

WHAT IS WRONG with our country? In my opinion we can start with these three problems. 1) MONEY: ‘Capitalism or Socialism’; ‘Left or Right’; ‘Liberal or Conservative’, ‘Black or White’? Those are labels, not problems. The problem is money, who is going to get the money? greedy bankers; money brokers; big business leaders; social leaders; extremists; greedy politicians, etc.? Our leaders should be ‘social liberals’ and ‘fiscal conservatives’. We should provide all the social programs WE CAN AFFORD! To provide those social programs we need both: capitalism to make the money that pays for socialism. What we don’t need is… Read more »