London Working Class Commuters Knock Anti-West ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Climate Protesters Off Train

Radical climate activists from Extinction Rebellion, who are against western culture, climbed on top of the roof of a London train and unfurled a banner that read: “Business as usual = death.” The train would not depart the station, so frustrated working class commuters screamed at the leftists, and some climbed on the train to pull and push the activists from the train, and onto the ground. ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protest movement is a virtue signal centered around middle and upper middle class people lecturing working class people on how to live their lives.

British police are now investigating the commuters who removed the protesters, and law enforcement has branded the commuters’ actions as ‘unacceptable.’

This morning in London climate change activists from Extinction Rebellion climbed on top of a London train and unfurled a banner about climate change junk science.

The train would not depart the station because the activists were standing on its roof with a banner reading, “Business as usual = death.”

That’s when angry Londoners rebelled against the Extinction Rebellion climate change activists.

The London commuters screamed and hurled drinks at the activists. Then they climbed on the train, pulled and pushed the activists off the train, and pummeled and kicked them on the ground.

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Angry Londoners Drag Climate Change Protesters From Roof of Train




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London Working Class Commuters Knock Anti-West ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Climate Protesters Off Train | WeAreChangeTV.US

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I remember how it felt in the sixties when I was going to work and watched my friends with dirty clothes and dirty hair smoking pot holding protest signs. You have to work tosupport yourself and these lunkhead spoiled brats think you can lounge around with them and hold protest signs.