Farmers Who Blamed German Government for Floods and Drought Lost Their Bid to Sue the German State Over Alleged Climate Change Failures

A Berlin court threw out a lawsuit filed by three families with organic farms who blamed the German government for changing weather patterns, floods and drought, and sued the German state for its alleged failure to meet climate change targets. The Berlin Administrative Court ruled that the 2020 targets to reduce emissions by 40% were not legally binding. Greenpeace, supporters of the farmers, claimed that Germany has a special responsibility as a rich, industrialized nation and should be held accountable for historic emissions that it has already put into the atmosphere.


A lawsuit filed against the German government for its alleged failure to meet climate change targets has been dismissed, say authorities.

Three families of organic farmers say they have been hit by changing weather patterns and blame the German state.


But the case was thrown out as inadmissible by the Berlin Administrative Court, who said the 2020 targets were not legally binding.

It comes after German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a €50 billion environment package, but critics have argued this is too little, too late.

Lisa Göldner is a climate change expert with Greenpeace and she spoke to Euronews before the decision was made.

“Since 2007 the German government has repeatedly said that they want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the year 2020, and that is a lot of measures the government could take to reduce those emissions, the most obvious one is to shut down the coal power plants as they are still one of the biggest greenhouse emitters in Germany,” she said.

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Democrats Move to Create New Protected Class – Climate Refugees. The Goal Is Increased Mass Immigration

Democrats, led by Representative Lydia Velázquez, have unveiled a plan, The Climate Displaced Person’s Act of 2019, to admit a minimum of 50,000 ‘environmental migrants’ every year beginning in 2020, which would almost double our yearly intake of refugees. However, the lawmakers predict a significantly higher number since they cite data from International Organization for Migration (IOM) that suggests by 2050 there could be as many as 200 million individuals who might be included in their new protected class! US law does not recognize climate refugees, as global warming has yet to be proven. The bill unmasks the Democrat lawmakers’ true agenda – to open the door to as many immigrants as they possibly can.

Despite a record number of illegal alien apprehensions at the southern border in fiscal year 2019, Democrats have unveiled a plan to admit a minimum of 50,000 “environmental migrants” every year beginning in 2020. In short, the proposal being pushed by Rep. Lydia Velázquez (D-N.Y.) is the ugly stepchild of the Dream Act and the New Green Deal.

“America will continue to stand tall as a safe haven for immigrants,” said Velázquez of the Climate Displaced Person’s Act of 2019, which would create a new protected status for so-called climate displaced persons (CDPs) that would be separate from existing U.S. refugee admissions programs.

She also claims the bill is a reaffirmation of the nation’s “longstanding role as a home to those fleeing conflict and disasters,” but also updates our role “to reflect changes to our world brought on by a changing climate.”

Velázquez’s measure comes almost a month after Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) introduced a similarly ill-conceived bill to kill two special interest birds – mass amnesty advocates and radical environmentalists – with one stone.

What is most notable about this proposal is that it sets the minimum number of admittances at 50,000, which is a significant number alone in historical terms. Between fiscal years 2008 to 2017, the average number of refugees admitted into the U.S. was 67,100. If the U.S. took in the minimum number of so-called climate refugees, it would almost double our annual intake.

But, the lawmakers predict a significantly higher number since they cite data from International Organization for Migration (IOM) that suggests by 2050 there could be as many as 200 million individuals who might be included in their new protected class.

There are numerous flaws with the proposal, including the fact that more than 1.2 million Americans were forced from their homes as a result of natural disasters in 2017 alone. Before we open our borders, shouldn’t lawmakers concentrate on resettling citizens from FEMA trailers into new homes?

Second, why isn’t Temporary Protected Status (TPS) sufficient to handle those who are unable to return to their homelands due to natural disasters? There are presently 417,000 foreign nationals already in the U.S. under TPS, which is itself reason not to create a new program since it is slowly morphing into a quasi-amnesty for many.

Third, neither U.S. law nor international law even recognize so-called climate refugees, climate migrants or CDPs. The United Nations even concedes that the term climate refugee “does not exist in international law.”

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42,000 Plaintiffs Sue Bayer Over RoundUp Glyphosate Pesticide that Has Been Shown to Cause Cancer


Lawsuits against Bayer are on the rise over claims that the company’s weedkiller causes cancer. The legal cases have taken a toll on Bayer’s share price and reputation.

More than 42,000 plaintiffs have joined lawsuits against German chemical giant Bayer, blaming the company’s glyphosate-based weedkiller for their cancer. 

The number of plaintiffs, largely brought by US citizens, is now at 42,700 — more than double the 18,400 reported in the middle of July, Bayer announced on Wednesday.

Read more:  Bayer Monsanto damages reduced to $25.27 million by US judge

The legal cases all concern Roundup, a weedkiller with controversial active ingredient glyphosate.

“This significant increase is clearly driven by the plaintiff-side television advertising spend which is estimated to have roughly doubled in the third quarter compared with the entire first half of the year,” Bayer said in a statement.

“However, the number of lawsuits says nothing about their merits,” it added.

Read more: Germany set to ban glyphosate from end of 2023

Claims against the company gathered momentum following a lawsuit in August 2018 that found Monsanto, a Bayer subsidiary, should have warned of alleged cancer risks associated with its glyphosate-based weedkillers.

Bayer’s shares have dropped 30% since then.

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Canada: University Dumps Professor Who Found Polar Bears Thriving Despite Climate Change

Canada: Susan Crockford has been an adjunct assistant professor with the University of Victoria for the past 15 years, but the college recently rejected her renewal application without an explanation. Crockford accused officials at the Canadian university of bowing to “outside pressure,” the result of her research showing that polar bear populations are stable and even thriving, despite reports that Arctic sea ice is in decline, defying claims of the climate change movement. A spokesman from the Heartland Institute said that those who oppose Crockford are not interested in science, but are instead pushing political dogma.

Nobody has done more to sink the claim that climate change is endangering polar bears than zoologist Susan Crockford — and she may have paid for it with her job.

After 15 years as an adjunct assistant professor, Ms. Crockford said the University of Victoria rejected without explanation in May her renewal application, despite her high profile as a speaker and author stemming from her widely cited research on polar bears and dog domestication.

Ms. Crockford accused officials at the Canadian university of bowing to “outside pressure,” the result of her research showing that polar bear populations are stable and even thriving, not plummeting as a result of shrinking Arctic sea ice, defying claims of the climate change movement.

Her dismissal, which she announced Wednesday in a post on her Polar Bear Science blog, has spurred alarm over the implications for academic freedom and the rise of the “cancel culture” for professors and scientists who challenge climate catastrophe predictions.

“When push came to shove, UVic threw me under the bus rather than stand up for my academic freedom,” said Ms. Crockford, who earned a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies, specifically biology and anthropology, in 2004.

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UK: Retired Scotland Yard Detective Explains that Children’s Care Homes Are Used for Pedophilia and Organized Child Sex Rings

UK: Jon Wedger, a retired police detective who served with Scotland yard for 27 years and specialized in pedophile rings, reveals how police protect politicians, celebrities, and other powerful people who commit pedophilia. [Child sex abuse is a political strategy that creates a means to control politicians and judges through blackmail. It has become a standard method of operation at the highest levels in almost all governments of the world, which is why it is so difficult to get governments to clean it up.] GEG

Summary by JW WIlliams

Police veteran Jon Wedger explains in this in-depth interview the conspiracy of cover-ups that come from the top when the names of prominent people are discovered. He says that care homes, residential homes for children who have been separated from their families, were the source of sexual abuse and rape, and led to prostitution, drug abuse and other crimes. He was removed from a number of positions after uncovering child sex abuse, because police in top positions are complicit or covering up for politicians, celebrities and other powerful people.

He was warned by the chief superintendent that child prostitution ran so deep with people who were connected that, if he continued to pursue the issue, he would lose his job, his house, and his children. After Wedger blew the whistle on police cover-ups, he was bullied and threatened.

Wedger investigated the child-protection industry and discovered the lucrative business of privately run care homes that can pay owners over $2,500 per child per week. He says the abuse and prostitution in the care homes is an organized-crime operation involving high-ranking police and politicians. Wedger says the kids are being picked up from the care homes, abused, and then returned after the weekend. 80% of trafficking is within the family or those who have been given parental authority over the children. Sexual assault on children happens in all racial groups. All religious institutions have a problem with pedophilia but are protected by law enforcement. There is only a 2% prosecution rate on child prostitution.

Currently, Wedger works with victims of abuse, campaigns for police whistleblowers and helps victims put cases back together after police cover them up. Victims have identified Edward (Ted) Heath, Britain’s Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974, as a sexual abuser of young boys from care homes, showing that abusers can reach the loftiest positions, in spite of (or perhaps because of) their crimes.

This is a long interview but , if you want to know what it’s like in the real world of vice and human trafficking high in government, you cannot find a better source than this.

Indian Nuclear Power Plant Refutes Major Cyber Attack Rumors from Twitter, and Says Its Critical Systems Are Impossible to Hack

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, the most powerful such station in India, has denied that it was the target of a cyber attack. Officials say that its network is a “stand alone” and is not connected to the outer internet. The clarification from the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant came after speculative posts on Twitter suggested that the power plant was the target of a variant of a virus known as DTrack RAT that is believed to come from North Korea. The official statement raised questions because, although it said none of the critical systems were compromised, it said nothing about non-critical systems. -GEG

An Indian state nuclear power plant operator issued a carefully worded statement after reports of malware at one of the power plants’ systems snowballed into rumors of a North Korean cyber attack that allegedly crippled a reactor.

“Any cyber attack on the Nuclear Power Plant Control System is not possible,” an information officer for the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) stated on Tuesday. Both KNPP’s reactors were operating nominally, he added, emphasizing that all critical systems at KNPP and other plants are “standalone and not connected to outside cyber network and Internet.”

The official statement, however, raised further questions, as many noted it neither confirmed nor denied whether any of the secondary non-critical systems might have been compromised in the alleged breach.

Cybersecurity expert Pukhraj Singh, whose tweets had triggered the avalanche of rumors, followed up with a clarification that he only spoke of an alleged lower level “domain controller” breach, instead of one on “control systems.” A hack on the domain level might affect a public-facing email address linked to the plant, for example, but would not touch its reactors or other sensitive equipment.

The former officer of the National Technical Research Organisation, Singh, also noted that he never said anything about possible culprits, because “false flags are so goddamn easy.”

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Katie Hill Becomes the First Female Member of Congress to Quit Over a Sex Scandal

Katie Hill, a progressive Democrat Representative from California, is the first woman in Congress to resign due to a sex scandal. On Sunday, she announced that she would leave her office in the wake of a House Ethics Committee investigation into her alleged participation in sexual relationships with her male legislative director and her female campaign staffer. -GEG

Rep. Katie Hill is the first female member of Congress to resign from office over a sex scandal, a move that several male lawmakers have made throughout U.S. history.

The California Democrat announced her resignation on Sunday amid a House Ethics Committee investigation into her alleged affair with her legislative director, and after news broke that she had also engaged in a three-way relationship with her husband and a campaign staffer.

Hill, 32, denied last week that she ever had an inappropriate relationship with her legislative director Graham Kelly and blamed her “abusive husband” Kenny Heslep for launching a “smear campaign” against her with the rumor. She has, however, admitted to the relationship with the campaign staffer after naked photographs from their relationship were published.

The House Ethics Committee announced on Oct. 23 an investigation into allegations of an affair with Kelly, which is prohibited by House rules, making her the first woman in Congress to face a House Ethics Committee inquiry into a sexual relationship. However, the freshman Democrat will exit her first term before the investigation culminates.

Dozens of members of Congress have been involved in Capitol Hill sex scandals, with many choosing to resign from their positions. While members of both parties have been implicated, those who resigned as a result, to date, have all been men.
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The Attorney for General Michael Flynn Says the FBI Hid Evidence That Proved He Was Innocent

Former Assistant US Attorney, Sydney Powell, is representing General Michael Flynn who pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about conversations with the Russian ambassador. This admission caused him to lose his position as Trump’s National Security Advisor. According to Powell, however, General Flynn was unscrupulously maneuvered into a trap in which he was set up to make those statements. Furthermore, none of that had any bearing on the charge against him hat he was operating as a Russian agent. All the while, the FBI concealed evidence that proved Flynn was innocent. Ms. Powell has called on the court to “dismiss the entire prosecution for outrageous government misconduct”. -GEG

Former national-security adviser Michael Flynn’s lawyer claims in a new bombshell court filing that the FBI tampered with notes from his 2017 interview, during which Flynn pleaded guilty to lying.

In a 37-page motion, attorney Sidney Powell called on the court to “dismiss the entire prosecution for outrageous government misconduct” over allegations that FBI agents manipulated a form summarizing Flynn’s statements to investigators.

The interview dealt with Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. In December 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to charges that he lied to the FBI about his Russia contacts during his brief stint as national-security adviser. He is expected to be sentenced in December.

“Those changes added an unequivocal statement that ‘Flynn stated he did not’ — in response to whether Mr. Flynn had asked Kislyak to vote in a certain manner or slow down the UN vote [on sanctions],” Powell wrote. “This is a deceptive manipulation because, as the notes of the agents show, Mr. Flynn was not even sure he had spoken to Russia/Kislyak on the issue. He had talked to dozens of countries.”

“That question and answer does not appear in the notes, yet it was made into a criminal offense,” Powell wrote in the motion. “The draft also shows that the agents moved a sentence to make it seem to be an answer to a question it was not.”

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New York City, Under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Leadership, Is Secretly Sending Its Homeless Population to Other States

New York City is secretly shipping homeless people to other states across the country, with enough taxpayer money to pay rent for a full year. The receiving cities lack funding for the added expense of the new homeless people and spill-over issues. The Special One-Time Assistance program, instituted in 2017 by Mayor Bill de Blasio, has cost taxpayers about $90 million dollars. Some of the homeless people have returned to NY City and are suing the city. More than 5,000 families (12,000 individuals) have been “exported to different locations in the mainland United States, and some have even been sent to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Dr. Drew Pinsky said that funding for state mental health institutions was eviscerated under President Kennedy in 1963 and mentally ill people wound up on the streets, in prisons and in nursing homes.

NYC is giving its homeless thousands of dollars to move elsewhere, without informing the cities to which they’re being sent

New York City has spent millions of dollars paying for homeless people to move somewhere else, and the city has not been informing receiving municipalities that it is shipping the homeless to them, according to the New York Post.
The Special One-Time Assistance program, instituted in 2017 by Mayor Bill de Blasio, has cost taxpayers about $90 million dollars. In the program, homeless people receive a year’s worth of rent money and traveling expenses to go somewhere else. Here are the requirements:

Homeless individuals and families are eligible for SOTA if they can prove they have been in a New York City shelter for at least 90 days and that their household income is no more than twice what it owes in rent. DHS would not expand on eligibility rules.

More than 5,000 families (12,000 individuals) have been “exported to different locations in the mainland United States, and some have even been sent to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.
So, a homeless family could hypothetically receive $1,500 or so for one-way plane tickets to Hawaii, an average of about $17,000 for a year of rent (which obviously varies based on location) and even $1,000 for furnishing their new home, as one program recipient told the Post they received.
The city would argue that as expensive as that sounds, it’s actually cheaper per family than the cost of shelter funding, which they say is about $41,000 per year.
However, the city might be paying to send them off, and then later paying for them when they come back.

Not only are officials in towns where the city’s homeless land up in arms, but hundreds of the homeless families are returning to the five boroughs — and some are even suing NYC over being abandoned in barely livable conditions. Multiple outside agencies and organizations have opened investigations into SOTA.

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Media and Democrats Bash Trump over US Killing ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Russians Are Not Convinced It Happened.

The media and Democrats heavily criticized President Trump for allegedly approving the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Some even said that this only reinforces their murderous ideology. Russia’s defense ministry says it has no reliable information about US servicemen conducting an operation for ‘yet another’ elimination of the former ISIS leader, referring to three previous instances where international media reported Baghdadi’s death. The US military gave Baghdadi a burial at sea, making it impossible to prove that he was executed. It seems that reporting the killing of hated enemies is useful to build popularity among the folks back home. -GEG

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is one of those “Emmanuel Goldstein”-type figures who has been “killed” multiple times but always seems to come back to life when a boogeyman is needed to justify keeping our forever wars going.

This case could be quite different if Baghdadi’s killing is used as a reason for Trump to pull our troops out of Syria.

From Infowars:

Some pundits lamented that killing ISIS members only reinforces their murderous ideology.

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Arizona Senator David Farnsworth Says Fellow Republican Lawmaker, Kate Brophy McGee, Threatened Him for Investigating Child Sex Trafficking

Arizona Senator David Farnsworth accused his colleague, Republican Senator Kate Brophy McGee, of threatening his life after he refused to stop investigating possible links between missing children in the state’s child-welfare and foster-care systems and child sex trafficking. Farnsworth says that Arizona state agencies “lost” 550 children last year. About half of those are categorized as runaways and the other half are attributed to errors in record keeping. He says he fears the children may have been abducted and sold to a global sex-trafficking ring. He explained that he doesn’t think officials were actually selling children, but that they are lax at protecting children from predators who would not hesitate to do so.  Farnsworth says that two state senators from other states, who were killed within days of each other earlier this year, were “executed” because they were investigating links between their own states’ child protective agencies and global sex-trafficking rings. -GEG

An Arizona senator called police on a fellow lawmaker who told him to stop talking to people who believe there’s a link between the state’s foster care system and a worldwide sex trafficking ring.

Republican Sen. David Farnsworth told police that he felt threatened when confronted by fellow GOP Sen. Kate Brophy McGee.

Farnsworth has been meeting every two weeks with a group of critics of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, including a group that has accused the foster-care agency of direct involvement in child trafficking. Some on social media have claimed there’s a broad conspiracy involving judges, caseworkers, lawmakers, the governor and prosecutors to cover up sex trafficking.

Farnsworth told the Arizona Capitol Times that Brophy McGee told him to “lose the entourage” of conspiracy theorists and “crazy parents” whose children were taken by state child welfare authorities.

“I’m not asking you to stop. I’m telling you to stop. Stop or my husband will stop you,” Farnsworth recalled Brophy McGee telling him in a meeting on Tuesday.

Farnsworth said he mulled over her comment overnight and decided it was threatening, prompting him to call authorities.

Brophy McGee said she has been targeted by the people working with Farnsworth, and the reference to her husband was not a threat but an attempt to get him understand the gravity of the situation.

“I was trying to pierce through his view of women by saying, ‘I have talked to my husband about this. My husband is very concerned. He said to tell you that he is very concerned and that you would understand what that meant,’ words to that effect,” Brophy McGee told the Capitol Times. “In other words, it’s not me being a fluff head saying this is a problem. It’s a problem.”

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Additional sources:

GOP senator: AZ foster kids are being sold into sexual slavery

Fmr Senator Murdered in Her Home After Reportedly Uncovering Gov’t Child Trafficking Ring

Jury in Planned Parenthood Trial Allowed to Watch ABC News 20/20 Undercover Video that Shows Abortionist Discussing Sale of Fetal Tissue

Pro-Life investigative journalist, David Daleiden, went undercover, posing as a representative from a fetal tissue procurement company, and filmed Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted body parts. He was later charged by former California Attorney General Kamala Harris with illegally recording private conversations, but some were filmed in public areas. Last week, during the trial, the judge allowed the jury to view a video of a ABC News 20/20 undercover investigative report that first exposed criminal profiteering in the fetal tissue procurement and abortion industries back in 2000. Daleiden testified that he knew about the video, which inspired him to do his own investigation and sting videos. Jurors are bound to wonder why there was no problem with ABC 20/20 doing their undercover investigation, yet Planned Parenthood is suing David Daleiden for similar videos.


SAN FRANCISCO, October 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Defense lawyers say they scored a major breakthrough on Day 12 of the Planned Parenthood federal civil trial when the judge let the jury see ABC’s 20/20 exposé of illegal trafficking in aborted baby body parts that inspired David Daleiden to undertake a similar covert investigation in 2013.

Moreover, the screening of ABC journalist Chris Wallace’s 12-minute investigative report from 2000 ended Daleiden’s second day of testimony Tuesday, so was likely top of mind for the nine men and three women of the jury as they left the court, and gave them ample time to consider the similarities between Wallace’s and Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress (CMP) undercover stings.

“That is how the jury went home today, with that video in their minds to consider overnight, so really good day,” noted Peter Breen, Thomas More Society senior counsel and one of Daleiden’s attorneys, in a video update on the trial, now in its third week.

Daleiden testified that seeing the 20/20 exposé in 2010 prompted him to start investigating the illegal market in aborted baby body parts, which had thrived in 10 years since the ABC episode aired.

“We’ve been fighting very hard since the beginning of this trial to try to show that video in the federal civil case,” said Breen, adding that the 20/20 episode had been shown in the preliminary hearing of a parallel criminal case against Daleiden and Merritt.

Ironically, in the ABC exposé, then-Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt acknowledged to Wallace that the selling aborted baby parts for profit is a crime and perpetrators should be prosecuted.

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