Sweden: Christian Church Describes Teenage Climate-Change Activist Greta Thunberg as a “Successor” to Jesus Christ

Sweden: The Christian Church of Limhamn tweeted, “Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg.” Limhamn is a municipality in southern Sweden. The tweet received backlash after it was unearthed following the UN’s recent Climate-Change Summit last month. At the time, the tweet was so controversial that it forced the church to clarify its theological views and stop using the social media account altogether. -GEG

A Swedish church’s tweet naming teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg as the “successor” to Jesus Christ has again received backlash after it was unearthed following the U.N.’s Climate Change Summit.

“Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg,” the Church of Limhamn wrote on Twitter on Dec. 1, 2018. Limhamn is a municipality in southern Sweden.

This announcement, which was both lauded and criticized on Twitter, was unearthed following Thunberg’s speech at the U.N.’s Climate Action Summit in New York City on Sept. 23. 

The church’s support for climate activism was shared in nearby Malmö, where the Church of Sweden said it would be ringing its church bells in solidarity with the global climate strike that was held Sept. 20-27.

“In conjunction with the Global Climate Strike, church bells ring and we gather for prayer for the future of the earth,” the church announced.

“We pray that we believe that man is responsible for nurturing and managing Creation so that children are given the opportunity for a future. We pray that we know that climate change affects the most vulnerable — poor, children and women. We pray that we believe in man’s ability to change and change.”

The Limhamn church retweeted Twitter users who supported what they described as a “humorous” post about the teenage activist being a successor to Christ, insisting that their use of the word was legitimate.

“Here you can read more about the word ‘success’ and its different meanings /nuances,” the church added in a post on Twitter on Dec. 3, 2018.

Following a backlash on Twitter, however, the account was abandoned days later on Dec. 6, 2018, with a message saying: “Dear twitter, If we have hurt someone we apologize, it has never been our opinion. Our sense has been to talk about Jesus Christ in our own way. Now we leave the arena. Thank you for your commitment, joy and debate. God bless you! Jonas Persson, ward pastor.”

“The tweets have not been deleted, but the account was true to its word and has remained inactive since Dec. 6,” the Washington Examiner noted Monday. 

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Elizabeth Warren Has Embraced AOC’s Immigration Plan for Open Borders and Full Welfare Benefits for Illegal Immigrants

Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who has already voiced support for open borders in the US, now endorses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ proposal to provide welfare for illegal immigrants, including free healthcare, nation-wide rent control, unemployment benefits, and food stamps. Even Bernie Sanders recognized that government cannot support open borders while also providing generous welfare schemes for immigrants. -GEG

French Authorities Are Helping Human Smugglers Bring Migrants into the UK

A British radio station conducted an investigation into smuggling migrants by boats across the channel from France to the UK. An alleged human trafficker reported that French authorities are helping with this so migrants will leave France. -GEG

New Law Proposes to Prohibit Gun Ownership from People Convicted of Misdemeanor “Hate Crimes”

Democrats introduced the Disarm Hate Act that would use hate crime laws to curb gun ownership. The measure would prohibit people convicted of certain hate-crime misdemeanors from possessing a gun. Currently, federal law bars only those convicted of more serious felony offenses from having guns. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, the co-sponsor of the Senate version of the bill, says the misdemeanors that would prevent someone from owning a gun include threats and harassment. [There is no doubt where this is headed. According to a new law in New York City, it is hate speech to report someone to Immigration and Customs Enforcement or to use the words “illegal alien”. If this trend continues, the Second Amendment is history – and so is a free America.] -GEG

Last week, New York City approved a new directive making it illegal to threaten someone with a call to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or to use phrases like “go back to your own country” or “illegal alien” when motivated by hate.

The 29-page directive released by the New York City Commission on Human Rights includes numerous examples of acts or comments that would be prohibited under the law. Violators of so-called hate speech can be punished by fines up to $250,000 per offense.

According to one passage included in the directive, “The use of certain language, including ‘illegal alien’ and ‘illegals,’ with the intent to demean, humiliate, or offend a person or persons constitutes discrimination.”

The Commission openly admits that the directive is intended to be a rebuke of attempts by the federal government to crack down on illegal immigration, although as Daniel Horowitz repeatedly points out, no such crackdown by the Trump Administration exists. And while it’s tempting to dismiss the NYC directive as just the latest episode of “Leftists Gone Wild,” I think this could have long-term consequences on our liberty.

Right up front, the NYC directive is a clear violation of free speech rights. As recently as 2017, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that so-called hate speech is protected under the First Amendment. But putting free speech aside for a moment, the growing movement by the Far-Left to ban hate speech — and even criminalize it — could give them a foot-in-the-door toward dismantling the Second Amendment as well.

Before the impeachment circus began, Democrats — with assistance from Trump and the GOP — were pushing a batch of new legislation that would chip away at the right to keep and bear arms in response to recent gun violence. Included in Pelosi’s bucket list of “sensible gun control” measures is a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines and red flag laws.

But there’s been another piece of anti-Second Amendment legislation flying under the radar.

Named the Disarm Hate Act (DHA), this little-noticed bill would use hate crime laws to deny gun rights. Using similar laws already on the books in a few states as a template, the DHA would prohibit people convicted of certain “violent” hate crime misdemeanors from possessing a weapon. Currently, federal law only bans people convicted of felony hate crimes from gun ownership.

What is a violent misdemeanor hate crime? Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), co-sponsor of the Senate version of the DHA, describes it this way:

“Most commonly this category includes low-level assault, threats, harassment, and property damage.”

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