Tucker Carlson Lambasts the Sackler Family that Promoted Addictive Opioids. He also Criticizes the Justice System that Allows Elites to Get Away with Murder

Tucker Carlson reports that Purdue drug manufacturer, owned by the Sackler family, profited $12-billion from pushing opioids, and that they knew the drugs were addictive and would kill hundreds of thousands of people. From 1999 to 2017, an estimated 218,000 people in the US died from overdoses related to prescription opioids. Purdue Pharma has offered to pay $12-billion to settle thousands of outstanding lawsuits. The Sackler family would pay $3-billion of that. Carlson railed against the ruling class, saying they become incredibly rich by wrecking our country and killing people. When they get caught, politicians and celebrities pretend to be concerned for a week and then nothing happens. None of these people ever are sent to prison. -GEG