Rev. Al Sharpton Denies Inciting Violence and Making Racist and Anti-Semitic Statements in the Past, But Videos Prove Otherwise

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US: Reverend Al Sharpton was giving testimony before a congressional panel when Congressman Matt Gaetz asked him whether he ever made racist and violent statements about Jews, white people, and policemen, statements which the Congressman quoted from news journals and other public records. Sharpton denied most of the quotes and acknowledged the others only to the extent that, if taken in context, he says they are not as bad as they seem. Video recordings attached to this report, however, show that the quotes are accurate and are about as racist and pro violence as they get. [The video of the hearing is disturbing, not so much for the offensive statements made by Sharpton, but for the sickening parliamentary process by which Sharpton’s protectors on the Committee interrupted the proceedings with points of order and other tactics to run out the clock to bring the Congressman’s questions to a halt.] -GEG

Wow.  Representative Matt Gaetz delivered a thorough evisceration of Al Sharpton today that will long be remembered.  Keep in mind that every Democrat candidate for President has kissed the ring of Sharpton in recent months.  Oh, the backfire in this hearing was over-the-top.  Chairman Nadler was so stressed out he couldn’t function.

The democrats on the House Judiciary Committee went absolutely bonkers and lost their minds as Gaetz continued to expose Sharpton’s history of bigotry and antisemitism.  A whole new generation of younger viewers were treated to the history of Sharpton.

This is epic. Major Hat Tip DaveNyiii for the video:



But wait, LOL, it gets better. Representative Jim Jordan yielded his time to his colleage, giving Mr. Gaetz a second round with Al Sharpton. Watch:



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Rev. Al Sharpton Denies Inciting Violence and Making Racist and Anti-Semitic Statements in the Past, But Videos Prove Otherwise | WeAreChangeTV.US
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