Need to Know Reader Who Protested California’s Mandatory Vaccines Was Threatened with Arrest by Democrat Lawmakers!

Protest against mandator vaccines and elimination of exemptions, Youtube
One of our readers attended a protest in California’s capitol against SB276, which removes almost all medical exemptions from mandatory children’s vaccines. All of the Democrat committee lawmakers voted to pass it for a final vote, and the parents protested shouting, “You have not represented California for all!” The lawmakers threatened to arrest the concerned parents, inspiring the parents to stand up against the tyrants.

Email from Nick Daugherty,  a Need to Know reader, following a protest last Friday in Sacramento:

“We had a little bit of a “Tiananmen Square” standoff in Sacramento just an hour or two ago with vaccines. After legislators voted to bring SB276 out of the suspense file (thus, reviving it to be pushed through for a final vote), parents and protestors refused to leave and stood on their chairs and begin shouting at legislators, “You have not represented California for all!” (video attached) The chairwoman (Lorena Gonzalez) pushing this bill along with Pan threatened to have them all arrested, and the parents said, “Bring it on.” Sheriffs on duty refused to do anything. Over and over they shouted, nonstop for over an hour, until the assembly adjourned the meeting, unable to continue because of the noise. Finally the press showed up (LA Times, Sac Bee, AP) and interviewed the parents. We’ll see how they spin it. What a day. Unclear if this will really help anything, but it has definitely invigorated the movement to stand up, be a presence, even if it means facing arrest by the state.”

Link for video from protest:

Sacramento Bee video of parents with vaccine injured children from protest:


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Need to Know Reader Who Protested California’s Mandatory Vaccines Was Threatened with Arrest by Democrat Lawmakers! | WeAreChangeTV.US

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