Mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, Arrested on Extortion and Bribery Charges

Jasiel Correia II, Youtube
Massachusetts: Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II, 27, was arrested Friday on new extortion charges for allegedly helping marijuana vendors obtain approval to operate in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. Prosecutors say Correia demanded his Chief of Staff give him half of her $78,700 salary in return for appointing her and also allowing her to keep her city job. [Politics as usual.] -GEG

Jasiel Correia is the Democrat mayor of Fall River. He has been embroiled in legal controversies for almost the entire time he has been in office. Now things are getting very serious.


Correia has been arrested on extortion charges, and we’re talking big money.

USA Today reports:


Massachusetts mayor arrested for extorting marijuana vendors for 6-figure bribes

Jasiel Correia II, the already embattled mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, was arrested Friday on new federal extortion charges for allegedly operating a scheme to help marijuana vendors get approval to operate in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes.

Prosecutors say Correia agreed to sign non-opposition letters in return for significant six-figure payments from four marijuana vendors looking to open businesses in the city of nearly 90,000 about an hour’s drive south of Boston. The letters are required to obtain a license to operate a marijuana business in Massachusetts, where cannabis is legal.

Correia, 27, appeared in Boston federal court Friday afternoon and pleaded not guilty.

“I’m not guilty of these charges,” he told reporters afterward, standing next to his attorney outside the courthouse. “I’ve done nothing but good for the great city of Fall River, me and my staff, and my team. I’m going to continue to do great things for our citizens.”

The Democrat mayor also is accused of extorting $3,900 in cash and a $7,500-to-$12,000 “Batman” Rolex watch from a property owner in exchange for activating the water supply to his building. In addition, federal prosecutors say Correia demanded his chief of staff give him half of her $78,700 salary in return for appointing her and allowing her to keep her city job.

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Put a third world ahole in office and they bring their third world corruption with them.

MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst

Per wikipedia, this creep’s parents came to the USA back in the 90s from an ‘island country’ that’s part of the African Union [having been granted independence in 1975], and is so mestisoed as to be ‘proof’ of the doability of ‘diversity’ since the islands had been under Portugal and at other times UK… He had been elected [possibly on the coat tails of a previous mayor way back when with the same name] and was simultaneously VOTED TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE by 2/3rds of the voters, and yet with the remaining 1/3rd voting to re-elect him, he beat… Read more »

Mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, Arrested on Extortion and Bribery Charges | WeAreChangeTV.US

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