Former NBC News Reporter Says Medics at the Charlottesville Crash Told Her Police Forced Them to Stop Working On Heather Heyer, Which Led to Her Death

Heather Heyer was a far-left activist who died in the Charlottesville riot in 2017 after a car, driven by a right-wing supporter, ran into the crowd. Former NBC News reporter Mary Emily O’Hara says she “had exclusive interviews with medics who said state police forced them to stop working on [Heather Heyer] after the crash” — and they believed that they could have saver otherwise. Her news story was “canceled” by her employer. NBC gave said they did not use her article because Jerry Lewis died that week and they wanted to run a tribute instead. O’Hara says NBC did not allow her to offer the story to any other news outlet, so it was unreported.

An independent investigation reported that Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas ordered police to stand down and allow both sides, the right-wing activists versus leftist Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups, to fight so he could “declare an unlawful assembly.” If the police’s actions “led to” Heather Heyer’s death just as their decision to effectively stand down led to the violent clashes, and the media covered it up, that would be a significant story, to say the least. -GEG

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