Terrorist Who Firebombed ICE Facility Wrote in Manifesto: “I Am Antifa”

Tacoma, Washington: Willem Van Spronsen, 69, was killed by police after he threw Molotov cocktails at the ICE facility, and nearby cars, on Saturday morning. Four police officers opened fire and shot him dead. He released a manifesto before the attack stating, “I am Antifa” and said the attack was motivated by his opposition to “concentration camps” in the US. The Antifa bomber was a member of the @PugetSoundJBGC, a local chapter of armed Antifa group ‘Redneck Revolt,’ which was promoted by CNN in a story two months ago. -GEG

Willem Van Spronsen, the man who was armed with a rifle and threw
incendiary devices at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma Saturday,
had a previous arrest history, police said.

Court records show Spronsen lunged at an officer’s neck during a protest at the same detention center last year.

lights and police cars surrounded a Vashon Island home listed to
69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen — the man Tacoma Police said they shot
and killed after an attack at the Northwest Detention Center early
Saturday morning.

The investigation postponed a solidarity event for detained immigrants — but some activists showed up anyway.Man killed by police at NW Detention Center had previous arrest for assaulting officer (KOMO News)

were really saddened that somebody died,” said activist Maru Mora
Villalpando with La Resistencia. “I think what is clear is that somebody
died right outside the detention center. The detention center is a
dangerous place.”

Detectives looked for clues that could help
them understand why police say the 69-year-old threw Molotov-cocktails
at the detention center and nearby cars while armed with a rifle.

“He was throwing these items at the building in an effort to set it on fire. It didn’t work, it’s a concrete building,” said Officer Loretta Cool with the Tacoma Police Department.

But activists later said
Spronsen was a protestor trying to set the deportation buses on fire –
which sit across the street from the detention center—when he was shot
and killed.

It’s not the first time the protester has had a confrontation with police.

News was there when Spronsen was in court last year after he was
arrested for assaulting a police officer during a chaotic protest at the
Northwest Detention Center.

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