Tech Mogul, Peter Thiel, Says Google Is a Threat to National Security and May Have Committed Treason

President Trump indicated there may be a US investigation of Google after tech mogul, Peter Thiel, suggested that the company has been working and sharing its artificial intelligence (AI) information with the Chinese military instead of US armed forces — and that top management has become a hotbed for Chinese spies. Thiel posed questions for investigators’ probe into Google’s AI software: “How many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated Google? Have the Chinese, in particular, infiltrated? And why are you working with Communist China and not the U.S.?” Google replied that it does not work with the Chinese military. -GEG

President Trump said his administration will probe Silicon Valley
billionaire Peter Thiel’s claims that Google has “seemingly treasonous”
ties with China.

Trump signaled there will be a US investigation after Thiel over the weekend suggested that Google has been actively working with the Chinese military instead of the US armed forces — and that top management has become a hotbed for Chinese spies.

In a Tuesday morning tweet,
Trump called Thiel — a libertarian tech tycoon who helped bankroll
Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign — a “great and brilliant guy who
knows this subject better than anyone,” and said that the “Trump
Administration will take a look!”

In a Sunday speech before the National Conservatism Conference in
Washington, DC, Thiel said Google should be investigated by the FBI and
CIA “in a not excessively gentle manner.” He didn’t provide any evidence
for his concerns, but urged investigators to ask the search giant three

“Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated
your Manhattan Project for AI?” Thiel said, likening Google parent
Alphabet’s DeepMind artificial intelligence project to the secret US program that developed the atomic bomb.

“Number two, does Google’s senior management consider itself to have
been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?” Thiel asked.

Lastly, he said the feds should ask Google executives if they
“consider themselves to be so thoroughly infiltrated that they have
engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese
military and not with the US military” because the tech would be stolen
by China anyway.

Under pressure from its own employees, Google last summer pledged
that it would not use AI in ways that could be considered unethical,
declining to renew a contract with the US military to use its AI
technology to analyze drone footage.

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