Who Cares about A Silly Old Constitution Anyway?

Michael Badnarik does – and so will you when you hear what hes has to say. The Constitution of any government is not just a piece of paper. The words written on that piece of paper are the rules that the government is required to obey. If governments have become too big and too powerful, that means they have broken the rules. If no one cares about knowing what the rules are, you can be sure the politicians and bureaucrats will have a field day.

Michael Badnarik, who was the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States in 2004, is a Constitutional scholar who will be a featured speaker at the Red Pill Expo, to be held June 7–9 in Hartford, Connecticut. He will astound you with facts and insights that are no longer taught in school, which is why so many students now don’t have a clue about why America once was the land of the free. Michael will pull it all together in exactly 30 minutes.

When you visit the Expo web site, you will find 27 other speakers of similar high caliber, all of whom have experience and knowledge that is mind boggling. Michael is in good company.

Michael will be a speaker at Red Pill Expo in Hartford, Connecticut, on June 7 – 9. Tickets are available here.

For those who are not able to attend in person, the event will be recorded, and anyone can view it in the comfort of their own homes simply by enrolling as a student in Red Pill University – and the cost for that is absurdly low.

Watching at home may be the ultimate convenience, but attending in person is the ultimate experience, because you will be able to meet Michael Badnarik and all the other speakers – and mingle with hundreds of other like-minded truth seekers from around the world. Details are on the Red Pill Expo web site.

For everyone who receives this message, there is $30 credit toward a General Admission ticket. When you arrive at the order form within the Shopping Cart, enter the code geg in the Promotional Code field and click Apply Coupon. We have 250 of these coupons, which sounds like a lot, but they are running out fast, so I urge you to act quickly.

Enroll Now for this Event – June 7 -9

Click here for more information or to register for the event

Click here to enroll as a student and watch online

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Who Cares about A Silly Old Constitution Anyway? – PEI TRUTH in POLITICS and MORE

[…] Who Cares about A Silly Old Constitution Anyway? […]

Tom Ball
Tom Ball

I’m really disappointed to see you taking so many crypto Jews on board. It may be more profitable and less dangerous, but eventually it will mean your heretofore outstanding efforts will go the way of the Tea Party movement and the 9/11 Truth movement. Every time a grass roots movement appears to have any potential of growing into meaningful resistance against the Zionist occupational government, they always have to infiltrate it with the goal of rendering it ineffectual. They’ve even succeeded in doing this with Lord’s church. I guess the Lord himself is the only hope for this nation as… Read more »