Tucker Carlson Warns Republicans that the Koch Brothers Support Open Borders and Censorship of Conservatives

Tucker Carlson says that the Republican Party seems out of sync with conservative voters because the Koch brothers, major funders of the GOP, actually oppose most conservative policy goals. The Koch brothers support open borders. They endorse the ‘soft on crime’ policies of the First Step Act and the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act that reduces prison time for drug dealers. The Kochs have pushed for cuts to social security and Medicare. And they have now joined the left-wing campaign against free speech. Despite their contradictory values, Republicans are allowing the Kochs to run the Party.

Transcript as Follows:

Charles and David Koch are two of the richest men in the
world. Each is worth tens of billions of dollars. Some of their money is
inherited. Much they made themselves. But the Kochs have never been
content merely to get richer. They’re engaged intellectuals, with a
sincere desire to change the world. For years, the brothers have been
the single most important funders of Republican politics in Washington.

The Koch network of donors spends hundreds of millions of dollars
every election cycle. Virtually every major conservative non-profit in
DC takes Koch money. Koch organizations train political organizers and
candidates. Many Republican lawmakers owe their careers to the Kochs.
For people whose main business is making fertilizer and paper towels,
the Kochs have been remarkably effective in politics. Not surprisingly,
the left hates them for it. Both the Koch brothers and their families,
who by the way are very nice people, have been repeatedly and
grotesquely maligned by the media. This, in turn, has convinced many
conservatives that the Kochs much be on their side. Anyone who’s been
slandered by the New York Times has got to be doing something right. That’s the idea. It’s not a bad standard.

But in the case of the Kochs, conservatives might want to pause and
rethink the relationship. As it turns out, the Kochs don’t have much in
common with conservatives. They are totally opposed to most conservative
policy goals. The Kochs are libertarian ideologues, passionate and
inflexible. America first? The Kochs find the very notion absurd, if not
fascist. An economic policy that seeks to strengthen families? The
Kochs denounce that as “crony capitalism,” or “picking winners and
losers.” They think it’s immoral. Controlling our borders? The Kochs
consider that racist. A few years ago, Bernie Sanders noted that the
Koch brothers are far to the left of him on immigration. Open borders?
Quote: “That’s a Koch brothers proposal,” he said.

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Additional source – from The Observer:

Representatives for the Charles Koch Institute and the Anti-Defamation League will join executives from tech companies which currently include Eventbrite, Mozilla, Pinterest, Patreon and Airbnb.

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