Report: California Woman Wins Huge Settlement in CPS Incident Where Son Was Taken, Given 13 Vaccines

California: In 2015, Rachel Bruno, the mother of a 7-week old infant, sent her nanny home at 4 am when the baby was crying. Her newborn son had a serious skull fracture and had emergency surgery. The hospital called Child Protective Services (CPS) to investigate for child abuse. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LACSO) and CPS removed Bruno’s other son, who was 20-months old, from his grandmother’s house, without a warrant. While Bruno’s oldest son was in the County’s custody, a social worker asked that the child be subjected to vaccinations in direct contravention to his father’s demand to be present for any medical procedure. Bruno’s lawyer reported that police, the hospital and CPS all violated numerous constitutional amendments, laws, policies, and procedures. Rachel Bruno has reportedly won settlements from LACSO, CPS and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

A California woman said her infant son was taken by Child Protective
Services, then given a full body medical test and thirteen vaccines
without a warrant or parental consent.

This was done based on the recommendation of a doctor who has been sued repeatedly.

Rachel Bruno reached a $500,000 settlement in December with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LACSO) and two other settlements are near finalization.

“Before this, I assumed that if social services took your kids, you did something really bad,” she said.

Instead, she learned she could do nothing and find herself at the mercy of untrained and reckless bureaucrats.

said she is diagnosed with seizures and needs uninterrupted sleep, so
she hired a nanny, Shannon King, to watch her newborn, born in 2015, to
watch him from 10PM to 6AM.

son was seven weeks old on July 8, 2015, when she was awoken at around
4AM. When she got to her son’s room, she found King patting her son on
the chest as he was lying face up in his crib. She sent King away.

that point, Rachel unswaddled [her son] and placed him on her chest in
an attempt to get him to sleep. [Her son] intermittently slept and cried
on her chest between approximately 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m,” attorney
Shawn McMillan stated in his initial complaint.

several hours still unable to get her son to fall asleep, shetook her
youngest son to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital of Orange
County (CHOC), accompanied by her mother and her oldest, then twenty
months.  Bruno’s mother took her oldest back to her mother’s house later that day. (RELATED: Arizona’s Department Of Child Protective Services Has A Pattern Of Sending SWAT Teams For ‘Medical Kidnapping)

son was found to have had a serious skull fracture and had emergency
surgery at approximately 1:30 p.m. which lasted approximately three

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