Illinois: Democrat Governor JB Pritzker Signed a Bill into Law that Legalizes Abortions Up to Birth

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker
While the leftist mainstream media reports on the new laws limiting abortion in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri, it completely ignores Democrat leaders in other states who are pushing the radical expansion of abortion to include late-term abortions and government subsidies. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed a law allowing abortions for any reason up to birth, and it forces every state insurance plan to cover them. In addition, the bill will remove the ban on partial birth abortions, and non-doctors may perform abortions.. A 2018 Gallup poll showed that 53% of Americans oppose all or most abortions and another study showed that 75% of Americans say abortion should be limited to the first three months of pregnancy./su_note]

As the mainstream news media focuses on condemning pro-life efforts in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri, Democratic leaders in other states are quietly pushing through radical pro-abortion bills that expand the legalized killing of unborn babies.

On Wednesday, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a law allowing abortions for any reason up to birth and forcing every state insurance plan to cover them. He follows the governor of Vermont, who made his state the latest to legalize abortions up to birth when he signed its radical bill yesterday.

Pritzker has bragged that the law will make Illinois the most “progressive” state on abortion, WGN-TV News 9 reports.

The law, which state lawmakers quickly rammed through over Memorial Day weekend, would legalize abortions for any reason up to birth in Illinois. It would erase criminal penalties for performing abortions and allow non-doctors to do them. The legislation also would repeal the partial-birth abortion ban, abortion clinic regulations and conscience protections for medical workers. Additionally, it would force all health insurance plans to cover abortions, with no exceptions for religious or moral objections.

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The legislation prompted massive protests earlier this year. In March, so many pro-life advocates filled the state capitol to rally against the bill that police had to close the building due to overcrowding. Afterward, lawmakers did not move the bill forward for months.

But over Memorial Day weekend, pro-lifers learned that pro-abortion Democrats planned to push through the bill before the end of the legislative session. Late on May 31, they passed it and sent it to the governor for final approval.

The Thomas More Society described the bill as “the most radical piece of abortion legislation that has ever been introduced in Illinois.” It would create a “fundamental right” to abortion and prevent the state from interfering in any way with the killing of unborn babies. In addition, it would require every health insurance plan to cover abortions, including late-term abortions, without any exemptions for people with religious or moral objections.

“While a growing number of states are working to advance popular pro-life laws, Illinois is trying to outdo New York’s abortion extremism – and unborn children and their mothers will pay the price,” said SBA List’s National Campaign Chair Jill Stanek, an Illinois native, a former nurse who witnessed babies being born alive and left to die in Chicago.

Stanek told LifeNews: “The bill Illinois lawmakers passed is so radical, they even went out of their way to repeal the state’s ban on barbaric partial-birth abortions. Americans of every political persuasion are appalled by these attempts to expand abortion on demand through the moment of birth and even infanticide, and that in turn is driving pro-life momentum around the country. There is no pride or glory in being the most extreme pro-abortion state in the nation.”

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Wow, all I can say is wow. Where is the outrage to late term abortion, murder plain and simple. While I believe a woman has a right to choose, I do think there should be some kind of cut off period where it would be too late to proceed. I remember when I was in college in the beginnings of the 80’s, when my then girlfriend (who later became my wife) got pregnant. As young students we figured it would be too inconvenient to have a child at this point in our lives so she had an abortion. Later on… Read more »