Every Democrat on Stage at the Second Night of Debates Says Illegal Aliens Should Get Health Insurance. The $32 Trillion Cost for ‘Medicare for All’ Is Wildly Underestimated – Before Adding 11 Million Migrants.

On the second night of the Democrat candidates’ debate, all of the participants raised their hands in agreement illegal immigrants should get taxpayer-funded government health insurance.The ten candidates who support taxpayer-funded healthcare include Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, John Hickenlooper, Bernie Sanders, Eric Swalwell, Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang. In addition, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Elizabeth Warren previously said that they also support covering illegal immigrants.

The cost of government subsidized insurance is estimated at $32 trillion over 10 years – before adding at least 11 million illegal immigrants. Candidate John Delaney pointed out that Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan is based on current Medicare rates, and the pay cuts would force hospitals to close, or the estimate will go way up, by perhaps 50 or 100%.

Bernie Sanders is offering a lot of government services, including
“Medicare for all,” which promises to pay for everyone’s healthcare. So
when he becomes president, will he raise taxes on the middle class?
Sanders was offered up this question as a lead-off in the June 27
Democratic presidential debate. He blathered for a full minute without
answering, then he had to be asked a second time before he finally
produced an answer: “Yes, they will pay more in taxes,” he said, “but
less in healthcare.”

OK, maybe. But this answer actually raises far more questions than it answers.

The first and most uncomfortable question was raised moments later in the same debate by Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet. Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont, governed entirely by Democrats at the time, killed off its proposal for single-payer healthcare. Democratic Gov. Pete Shumlin signed the bill to implement the program in 2011. He also pulled the plug on the program in 2015 when he found out that it would double his state’s budget. Vermonters would have had to pay an 11.5% payroll tax, plus a 9-point increase in the state income tax.

In Colorado, voters rejected single-payer healthcare for the same reason, with 79% voting against a plan that would have more than doubled
their state budget. And in California, where Democrats have the power
to do just about any crazy thing they like, Democrats killed their own
Healthy California single-payer healthcare plan because it would have tripled their state budget.

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Nancy Pelosi Accepts Senate’s $4.6 Billion Migrant Funding Bill that Contains Many Democrat ‘Wins’

Breitbart reports that the Senate’s bill provides zero spending to curb migration. The bill allocates more than $1 billion for the orderly inflow of many economic migrants into Americans’ workplaces and schools. The Senate bill also assigns more than $3 billion to maintain the pipeline of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from Central America to their sponsors in the US. In addition, it provides $30 million to the Democrat-affiliated non-profits that help migrants move to their target locations, $10 million for immigration lawyers to help migrants win asylum, and $9 million to help illegal migrants get their “UAC” children delivered faster. It also loads more requirements onto the detention centers, driving up costs and likely providing Democrats with future excuses to denounce the shelters.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has abandoned the House’s migrant crisis
funding bill in favor of the Senate’s less radical version, which
includes some of the Democrats’ many pro-migration priorities.

The concession was made as the House and Senate ran out of debating
time prior to the July 4 recess, amid strong support from Senate
Democrats for the Senate’s migration crisis funding bill.

But the concession is not a permanent defeat for House Democrats, who
will likely include many of their pro-migration, anti-enforcement
priorities in the pending homeland security funding bill.

The Senate migration crisis bill provides more than $1 billion to
preserve the orderly inflow of many economic migrants into Americans’
workplaces and schools, and includes no spending to curb migration.

The Senate also ensures more than $3 billion to maintain the
well-organized pipeline of so-called “Unaccompanied Alien Children” from
Central America to their sponsors in the United States. Most of the
sponsors are the youths’ parents and in-laws, many of whom are living
illegally in the United States.

The Senate bill preserves the UAC pipeline because it includes a
Democratic amendment which bars ICE from deporting the illegal
immigrants who sign up as “sponsors.” In 2018, President Donald Trump’s
enforcement officers began deporting illegals who revealed themselves
while trying to pick up their children at shelters run by the Department
of Health and Human Services.

Pelosi dropped the House’s version of the bill amid opposition from swing district Democrats. According to Politico:

The House had planned to vote Thursday on its amended
version of the border package. But roughly 18 moderates vowed to oppose
the bill on the floor, according to multiple sources familiar with the
whip count.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla), a leader of the Blue Dog Coalition,
confirmed that multiple moderates had been planning to buck the party on
a procedural vote on the floor later Thursday.

“We have a significant number,” Murphy said. When asked if it was
enough to tank the bill on the floor, “That is to be determined.”

GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had slammed
the Democrats’ support for the UAC pipeline, which is jointly run by
the Mexican cartels and U.S. federal agencies. In a floor speech on June
25, he said:

I’m not sure anybody’s read the bill. I’m not sure even
those on the other side know what’s in it. Here’s how it’s worse — [it
says the] Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services
[HHS] cannot share information about the sponsors of [Unaccompanied
Alien] children [UAC].

Think about that for one moment. They’re making sure two departments
cannot share information in their own government. This [sharing] is
necessary to ensure children are not placed with human traffickers or
other predators.

The House version also include stealth rules that would block
President Donald Trump’s border control strategies. These include the
Remain in Mexico program, the metering initiative, and the pending
rewrite of the Flores Settlement agreement, and his use of foreign aid
to pressure more cooperation from Latin American countries. Those
strategies appear to have reduced the catch and release of migrants by
two-thirds in the last three weeks, according to data released by
Breitbart News.

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