Italy: Pro-Migrant Groups Facing 15,000 Job Losses After Budget Cuts By Interior Minister Matteo Salvini

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini implemented budget cuts under his Security decree that will lead to the termination of an estimated 15,000 pro-immigration group and reception center workers. Left-wing groups complained just months ago that Salvini’s Security decree would lead to a decrease in their profits. Mafia organized crime groups also received money from the Italian state to to run asylum reception centers, and pocketed large amounts of cash while giving migrants substandard food and shelter.

Following a series of budgetary cuts as part of populist Italian
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s security and migration decree,
migrant helper associations claim they have been forced to lay off
thousands of employees.

The Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL) union announced
the complaint, saying that so far pro-migrant groups have been forced to
lay off around 5,000 workers due to the funding cuts in the security
decree and added that the social centres were looking at a total of
15,000 layoffs by the end of the year, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

CGIL’s Stefano Sabato commented on the effect of the migration
funding cuts saying, “At the moment we have come to count about 5000
redundancy procedures, to which we are responding with the tools
available, solidarity agreements, fund for wage integration, but our
interest is to be able to restore ordinary social safety nets to cope
with the dramatic situation that in this way we risk not being able to

“If the Security decree is not reformed or amended within 12 months, we will still have to launch mass dismissal procedures,” he added.

The announcement of mass layoffs in the pro-migrant reception sector
come only months after the left-wing groups complained that their profits were going to decline as a result of the security decree.

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China Profits by Billions in Forced Organ Transplant Business that Harvests Organs from Dissidents and Minorities

Experts estimate that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs are transplanted annually in China, as the country rakes in an eye-popping $10 billion to 20 billion in profits. The author makes the case that political dissidents and minorities are used as forced organ transplant ‘donors’ and offers the short wait time for organ recipients as evidence that ‘donors’ are being slaughtered for their body parts. Virtually every organ transplant in China costs the life of an innocent human being.

Zheng Qiaozhi — we will call him George — still has nightmares. He
was interning at China’s Shenyang Army General Hospital when he was
drafted to be part of an organ-harvesting team.

The prisoner was brought in, tied hand and foot, but very much alive.
The army doctor in charge sliced him open from chest to belly button
and exposed his two kidneys. “Cut the veins and arteries,” he told his
shocked intern. George did as he was told. Blood spurted everywhere.

The kidneys were placed in an organ-transplant container.

Then the doctor ordered George to remove the man’s eyeballs. Hearing
that, the dying prisoner gave him a look of sheer terror, and George
froze. “I can’t do it,” he told the doctor, who then quickly scooped out
the man’s eyeballs himself.

George was so unnerved by what he had seen that he soon quit his job at the hospital and returned home. Later, afraid that he might be the next victim of China’s forced organ-transplant business, he fled to Canada and assumed a new identity.

First-person accounts like George’s are understandably rare. The “transplant tourists” who
come to China are naturally told nothing about the “donors” of their new
heart, liver or kidney. And those who are executed for their organs
tell no tales.

Experts estimate that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs are
transplanted annually in China. Multiply that number times the cost of a
liver transplant ($170,000) or a kidney transplant ($130,000), and the
result is an eye-popping $10 billion to 20 billion.

And where do these hundreds of thousands of organs come from? George was told nothing about the background of the young man whose kidneys he fatally removed except that he was “under 18 and in good health.”

But experts like Ethan Gutmann, author of several books on the
subject, believe that the vast majority are obtained by executing
prisoners of conscience.

One particularly rich source of fresh organs for China’s transplant
industry in recent years has been the Falun Gong, which was declared a
heretical Buddhist sect in 1999 by then-Party Secretary Jiang Zemin.
Hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — of the group’s followers have
been arrested and disappeared into a vast network of secret prisons,
many never to reemerge — at least in one piece.

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Portland, Oregon: Antifa Summer Camp Targets Children Age 10 to 13 for Indoctrination into Radical Leftist Activism

Saint Peter and Paul Church in Portland, Oregon is hosting a social justice camp, Budding Roses, that targets local children age 10 to 13. The camp is sponsored by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation that is affiliated with the violent leftist Antifa group.

Portland’s Professional Protesters™ have raided fur farms, set fire to SUV’s and ski resorts, run companies they didn’t like out of town, threatened people with violence, attacked police officers, pooped on American flags, manufactured IED’s and Molotov Cocktails, shot at least one person, and stopped thousands of Oregonians from going – anywhere, shouted down and drowned out people they don’t agree with and done millions of dollars in damage to the downtown Portland, Oregon area.

Now they’re passing along their bag of tricks to ten-year-old kids.

No, it’s not an article in The Onion or The Babylon Bee, this is real and real serious.

The Portland Professional Protesters™ have planned a “summer camp” to
teach children, from fourth to eighth grade, the not-so-fine-art of
professional Monkey-Wrenching. Apparently, this is the second year of the effort.

Instead of teaching kids about making a fire, flora, fauna and
swimming, this day-camp, held this year at St. Peter and Paul Church on
SE 82nd Avenue – nee “Avenue of the Roses,” from August 12 – 23 –
teaches kids how to become politically involved through blocking
streets, finding “allies” to help them strong arm their ideas into the
public sphere, and freeing ‘caged’ lab animals held by evil

The “Budding Roses Summer Camp,” refers to how these
babes-in-the-woods learn how to become anarchists and part of the
Portland’s Professional Protesters™ world. The story is told in their
own photos.

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