Ron Paul Says Trump Administration Tolerates Saudi Arabia Beheading 37 People Because It’s Good for Business

Saudi Arabia recently executed 37 people, mostly Shiites, for crimes that included participation in a political protest. At least two victims were under 18 at the time of their “crimes.” Ron Paul says that President Trump has spoken of “shared values” with the Saudis, but his real goal is to keep the Saudis as business partners. Trump has argued that we can’t offend the Saudis because we make $450 billion in weapon sales to them – and the US needs their oil. The Saudi war in Yemen has led to the death of 200,000 people, and 60% of the civilians who were killed were under 5 years of age.

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Harald Martin
Harald Martin
1 year ago

It isn’t the fact that the Saudi’s executed 37 people….it’s the why. We have
thousands of inmates on death row throughout the United States – and rarely do they get executed. Gas, electricity, injection, gun shot, hanging are all current or previously used execution methods in our country.

Again, WHY the Saudi’s executed people can be debatable, but the fact they do it isn’t beyond the pale. Methodology might be an issue, but if done correctly, a beheading, while gruesome, is quicker than US methods.

We have many murderers that should die….and not of old age on death row.