43% of Americans Believe Socialism Would Be Good for the Nation

Only 17% knew that socialism is government ownership of property and the means of production. 47% of Americans say they would vote for a socialist candidate for president. [Tucker Carlson turns the program over to Professor Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute who delivers on of the best short summaries of how America’s youth came to reject capitalism and worship socialism. Don’t miss it.] -GEG


A newly released Gallup poll found that a whopping 43% of Americans say socialism would be a good thing for the country.

The poll also found that Americans are split on viewing economy as free market or government controlled.

“Americans today are more closely divided than they were earlier in the last century when asked whether some form of socialism would be a good or bad thing for the country. While 51% of U.S. adults say socialism would be a bad thing for the country, 43% believe it would be a good thing. Those results contrast with a 1942 Roper/Fortune survey that found 40% describing socialism as a bad thing, 25% a good thing and 34% not having an opinion,” Gallup reports.

The researchers found that Americans’ definition of socialism has also changed over the years, with a quarter of respondents associating the concept with social equality and only 17% associating it with the proper definition of having government control of the means of production.

The findings were, of course, split across partisan lines. They found that the majority of Democrats have a positive view of socialism — 57% in 2018.

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MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst

Theory; socialism is an attempt to find ‘family’ and the young generation lost that when the total swing to women working outside the home and family being isolated as corporations discarded the men as the women moved into the cheaperlabor structures. Family then was MIA and that’s precisely the timeframe for the generation wanting socialism TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR NEEDS since only govt was seen in their edu as a beneficent source of good things. [Teachers’ union hates capitalism and favors unwholesome relationships]. And the push to college edu instead of getting launched on a life path was the… Read more »