Harvard Law Professor Representing Harvey Weinstein Is Removed as Faculty Dean

Professor Ronald Sullivan and his wife Stephanie Robinson, will no longer be faculty deans of Winthrop House, one of 12 undergraduate residential houses at the college. The reason is that the professor was part of the legal team defending former movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, whose downfall helped launch the #MeToo movement. The decision to represent a high-profile defendant in a rape and assault case riled Harvard’s campus where sexual assault and harassment have become a major issue. The couple are the first black faculty deans in Harvard’s history. -GEG

A Harvard University law professor who faced criticism on campus for representing Harvey Weinstein in his sexual assault trial is being relieved of his position as faculty dean of an undergraduate house.Professor
Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. and his wife, Harvard law lecturer Stephanie
Robinson, will no longer be faculty deans of Winthrop House — one of 12
undergraduate residential houses at the Boston-area university — after
their term ends June 30, Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana said.

Harvard professor representing Harvey Weinstein says people deemed ‘vile’ deserve defenseThe couple are the first black faculty deans in Harvard’s history.

Khurana, in a letter explaining his decision not to renew the couple’s deanships, wrote generally about a deteriorating climate in the 400-student house but did not specify the underlying issue.

“Over the last few weeks, students and staff have continued to communicate concerns about the climate in Winthrop House to the college. The concerns expressed have been serious and numerous,” Khurana wrote.

“This decision in no way lessens my gratitude to them for their contributions to the college.”Sullivan made waves on campus in January when he decided to represent Weinstein, the former movie mogul whose downfall helped launch the #MeToo movement.

Sullivan and Robinson reacted to the decision in a statement to CNN:”We are surprised and dismayed by the action Harvard announced today. We believed the discussions we were having with high level University representatives were progressing in a positive manner, but Harvard unilaterally ended those talks. We will now take some time to process Harvard’s actions and consider our options. We are sorry that Harvard’s actions and the controversy surrounding us has contributed to the stress on Winthrop students at this already stressful time.”

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Illegal Alien from Kenya Charged with Murder of 12 elderly Women, Suspected in 750 More Deaths at Senior Living Facilities

Texas: Billy Chemirmir, a man from Kenya living in the US illegally has been charged with killing 12 elderly women. He had worked as a home health care aide and also posed as a maintenance man to gain access to victims in senior living facilities. Investigators said they were reviewing 750 unsolved deaths to see if Chemirmir was linked to the cases. His arrest record includes two drunk-driving incidents, domestic assault against his girlfriend, and criminal trespass. In spite of this record, police never reported him to immigration authorities. That’s because not reporting illegal aliens who commit crimes has been the official policy in numerous cities in Texas. -GEG

A Kenyan man accused of 12 murders while living in the United States
illegally also had been arrested four times for less serious crimes,
according to Dallas County, Texas, records.

While immigration authorities have placed a hold on Billy Chemirmir, a Kenyan citizen, now that he has been arrested on charges of capital murder, the 46-year-old’s previous brushes with the law leave questions as to why such a move wasn’t made much sooner.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told The Daily Caller that an
immigration detainer for Chemirmir was filed with Dallas County Jail in
March 2018, but that he’s not currently in the agency’s custody.

Chemirmir had already been charged with capital murder in March 2018 in the death of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris, but was indicted
on Tuesday for 11 other deaths: five in Collin County and six more in
Dallas County. Court records show that Chemirmir allegedly smothered his
victims with a pillow and then robbed them, The Dallas Morning News reported.

former health care worker’s extensive criminal history in North Texas
prior to his March 2018 arrest includes 180 days in jail and a fine of
$1,250 in June 2011 for driving while intoxicated in Addison, as well as
70 days in jail for another DWI charge in Dallas several months later.

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US Representative Tulsi Gabbard Says She Is Running for President in Order to Serve the American People

US Representative Tulsi Gabbard, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate who served two tours in the US Army in the Middle East and supports ending needless war, told Youtube personality, Joe Rogan, that when she was elected to Congress six years ago, the new candidates were separated between the two parties and she was told to vote only for bills that strengthen the Democrat party and reject all bills proposed by Republicans. She said the interest of the party is superior to the people (the Republicans do the same thing). She says establishment Democrats and Republicans are terrified of candidates who are publicly funded because they are not beholden or owned. [It all sounds pretty good, but let us not forget tat the candidates usually DO sound good. She is against needless and ongoing wars? Of course she is. Clinton was, too – and so was Trump. So what? The wars continue anyway. Has anyone actually examined her voting record? As she has been in the past, so shall she be in the future.] GEG

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G. Edward Griffin and Jake Morphonios Explain Red Pill Expo – Event of the Year for Truth Seekers

Jake Morphonios, a featured speaker at the upcoming Red Pill Expo, interviews G. Edward Griffin, creator of the Expo, who explains the origin and purpose of the upcoming event. It’s much more significant than you might think. – GEG