US Projected to Add 1.5 Million Illegal Aliens to Population this Year, at a Cost of $116 Billion

The US is projected to add 1.5 million illegal aliens to the American population by the end of the year if current rates of Catch-and-Release, border crossings and visa overstays continue the surging trend. Illegal aliens and their US-born children cost American taxpayers $116 billion per year. Research shows that immigration to the US shifts about $500 billion in wages away from working and middle class Americans toward new arrivals and economic elites.

The United States is projected to add about 1.5 million illegal
aliens to the American population by the end of the year, should current
rates of Catch and Release, border crossings, and visa overstays pan

This year, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Catch and
Release policy — whereby border crossers and illegal aliens are readily released
from federal custody into the interior of the U.S. — is on track to
release roughly 434,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the
country by the end of the year. This projection is based on current
estimates that more than 36,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have
been released from DHS custody every month since the beginning of the

Additionally, Princeton Policy Advisors researcher Steven Kopits projects that in 2019, there will be up to 500,000
illegal aliens at the southern border who successfully cross into the
U.S. undetected by Border Patrol agents. These are foreign nationals
whom federal immigration officials are unaware of and are usually only
deported after they commit a crime in the U.S.

Also, should visa overstay levels continue at the same pace as in Fiscal Year 2017, there could potentially be about 630,000 illegal aliens added to the U.S. population after overstaying their visas.

Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan
told Breitbart News that experts predict there to be anywhere between
300,000 to 400,000 visa overstays this year.

These projections put the number of illegal aliens added to the U.S.
population at around one to 1.5 million, on top of the 11 to 22 million
illegal aliens who are already living across the country. This finding
does not factor in the illegal aliens who will be deported, die over the
next year, or leave the U.S. of their own will. As DHS data has
revealed, once border crossers and illegal aliens are released into the
country, the overwhelming majority are never deported.

For example, while the Trump administration has increased deportations,
there continue to be only about 95,000 deportations of illegal aliens
living in the U.S., as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
continues to not have the capacity to handle the enormous, and growing,
illegal population.

Meanwhile, U.S. taxpayers are crippled with the burden of absorbing
the 11 to 22 million-strong illegal population. In terms of healthcare
costs, illegal aliens and their U.S.-born child c0st the American
taxpayers about $17 billion a year. Annual illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $116 billion.

The nation’s Washington, DC-imposed mass
legal and illegal immigration policy — whereby at least 1.5 million
unskilled foreign nationals are admitted to the U.S. every year — is a
boon to corporate executives, Wall Street, big business, and
multinational conglomerates, as America’s working and middle class have
their wealth redistributed to the country’s top earners through wage stagnation.

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