Transgender Teen Gets Court Order Against Father for ‘Misgendering’ Her

A British Columbia Supreme Court justice issued a court order to force the father of a 14-year old biological girl who is transitioning to a male to stop “misgendering” the youth. The father countered that the move would violate his rights to free speech and thought. The father’s appeal is slated to be heard by B.C. Court of Appeals on May 14. At stake is a precedent set by last month’s ruling that children have a right to transition and parents must respect their chosen gender, pronouns, and name. -GEG

“I find that his father’s expressions of rejection of AB’s gender identity constitutes family violence.”

A transgender teenager last week convinced a Canadian judge to make his dad stop “misgendering” him.

In the April 15 protection order,
British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari’s said the
father was “harming his child” by refusing to accept his male gender
identity. She barred him from continuing to “misgender” or “deadname”
the biological girl in public or private.

In court documents, the father was identified only as CD, and the 14-year-old child was called AB.

find that his father’s expressions of rejection of AB’s gender
identity, both publicly and privately, constitutes family violence
against AB,” Marzari said. “Finally, I find that CD’s conduct in this
regard is persistent and unlikely to cease in the absence of a clear
order to restrain it.”

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