Detroit to Become America’s Second Chinese-Style Surveillance City

Detroit’s Project Green Light is a massive surveillance-camera network with 1,000 cameras that spies on people at gas stations, retail stores, and in public housing. The city also is using cameras on street lights. New Orleans is considered to be the first Us city to follow the Chinese model. -GEG

The push to turn America’s cities into Chinese-style surveillance networks has found a new partner in Detroit, Michigan.

The only difference between what is happening in San Diego and what is happening in Detroit is, they are not using the same smart street lights to spy on everyone. Detroit uses Intellistreets a company known to have strong ties to Homeland Security.

What started out as a ‘voluntary’ police-cam share program in Saginaw, Michigan has morphed into a massive 1000 surveillance camera network which includes 500 businesses in Detroit.

Detroit’s Project Green Light, spies on people in real-time at gas stations, retail stores and public housing.

A map of Project Green Light’s surveillance cameras, shows the true extent of police spying in Detroit and it looks an awful lot like the map of San Diego’s IQ street lights.

What makes Detroit’s spying so disturbing, is that the city wants the public to help fund their program.

The Detroit Free Press said,
Mayor Mike Duggan sent out a ‘citizen petition drive’ soliciting money
from home owners and businesses to help pay for a new multi-million
dollar surveillance program.

“In order to continue making Detroit a safe place to live, work, and
play, we are asking you to gather signatures from your neighbors
pledging support for the Neighborhood Real-Time Intelligence Program.”

Motorola Solution’s hand in helping turn our cities into Chines-style surveillance centers is deplorable.

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US Government Actively Importing Millions of Migrants from Third World While Pretending to Oppose Such Action

Journalist, Gary GiIeno, reports that mass migration into the US is being orchestrated at the federal level while pretending to be trying to put a stop to it. Gileno shows that declining birth rates and exodus from California are causing the population to shrink. Nevertheless, government-funded, apartment-building projects have been underway for the past few years that are in anticipation of a vast growing population made up of immigrants. He says that, in spite of all the political speeches about stopping illegal immigration, at the present time, 100,000 illegal immigrants are being detained every month by Border Patrol and then safely released inside the US. Last month, President Trump signed into law a spending bill that makes it illegal to deport any immigrants who might sponsor an unaccompanied illegal alien child or who lives in a household where someone else might do so. [Yes, the law really says that. Deporting illegal aliens now is virtually impossible. Trump supporters will not like this report.] -GEG

CBS Promo for The Good Fight TV Show Urges People to “Punch a Nazi” in Order to Silence Political Opponents

The CBS series ‘The Good Fight’ published a promotional tweet with a short video featuring a black actor from the show saying, “It’s time to punch a few Nazis” because some speech requires a “visceral response.” The left defines Nazis as conservatives, white males, Christians, and anyone who opposes them. CBS later removed the tweet, which was a clear call for violence. Rhetoric from the Left calling for violent attacks against Trump supporters receives zero coverage from the mainstream media. [Who are the real Nazis here?] -GEG

An anti-Trump TV series is facing backlash after releasing a
promo on social media inciting violence against “alt-right Nazis,” ie
anybody right of Karl Marx.

The promo by anti-Trump CBS drama The Good Fight shows a
character explaining against a backdrop of racially-charged rioting why
violence is justified against others with a different political
viewpoint, asserting that “it’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

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Students Shocked to Learn that Illegals Get In-State Discount Tuition Price in 18 States

College students at UNLV recently learned that illegal immigrants receive automatic in-state tuition in 18 states around the country, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Liberal and conservative students agreed that the practice is unfair.

  • The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled recently that Georgia colleges do not have to admit illegal immigrant students.
  • Eighteen
    states currently provide a pathway for illegal immigrant students to
    get in-state tuition, while legal U.S. residents from other states are
    forced to pay thousands more for out-of-state tuition.
  • Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips spoke with students at UN-LV and they were not supportive.

The Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that colleges in Georgia are not required to admit illegal immigrant students. 

The decision further sparked
a national conversation about the rights of Dreamers, as well as the
legality of offering them in-state tuition benefits, which usually allow
students attending college in their home states to pay far less than
their peers from different states.  “What do you get for living here all your life legally instead of coming here illegally? I just don’t think that’s fair.”    Tweet This

Citing US Code 1623,
which states that anyone who is not legally a citizen cannot be
entitled to any benefit that is denied to a citizen of the United
States, some have questioned whether those here illegally should be
offered in-state tuition rates that aren’t available to other students
who are citizens. Currently, 18 states, offer some form of a pathway for
in-state tuition to those living here illegally.

[RELATED: Immigration experts: In -state tuition for illegal aliens violates Clinton-era federal law]

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures,
18 states — California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois,
Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,
Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington — offer in-state tuition to
illegal immigrant students. Two more states — Oklahoma and Rhode
Island — offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students, pending
approval from the Board of Regents.

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Toronto Residents Agreed that Canadians Should Open Their Homes to Refugees Until They Are Asked to Care for a Needy Migrant

Toronto: A reporter from Rebel Media asked passers-by if refugees should be helped by Canadians opening their homes, and they agreed, but when they were asked to take a refugee home, they all declined.

Guatemala-Mexico Border: ‘Hostile and Aggressive’ Migrants Break Border Gate to Force Their Way into Mexico

A group of 350 migrants from Central America broke the locks on a gate at the Guatemala-Mexico border, and forced their way into Mexico to join a large caravan of 2,000 people who are headed to the US.

Mexican authorities said a group of about 350 migrants broke the
locks on a gate at the Guatemalan border Friday and forced their way
into southern Mexico to join a larger group of migrants trying to make
their way toward the United States.

The National Immigration Institute did not identify the nationalities
of the migrants, but they are usually from Central America.

A similar confrontation occurred on the same border bridge between Mexico and Guatemala last year.

The institute said the migrants were acting in a “hostile” and
“aggressive” way, and accused them of also attacking local police in
Metapa, a Mexican village that lies between the border and the nearby
city of Tapachula.

The group of 350 pushed past police guarding the bridge and joined a
larger group of about 2,000 migrants who are walking toward Tapachula in
the latest caravan to enter Mexico.

Claudia Jaqueline Sandoval, 43, from El Progreso, Honduras, was
walking toward Tapachula with her six-year-old daughter. Another son and
a daughter are already in the United States.

“I have been HIV positive for 16 years,” said Sandoval, but her
reason for going north was not just medical treatment. “It has been two
years since I heard from my son” in the United States, and money is
scarce, she said.

There are already several groups of migrants in the southern border
state of Chiapas who have expressed frustration at Mexico’s policy of
slowing or stopping the process of handing out humanitarian and exit
visas at the border.

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