Elliott Abrams, the US Envoy to Venezuela, Threatened Sanctions Against Countries that Support President Maduro

Elliott Abrams, Washington’s top envoy for Venezuela who was involved in the disastrous Iran-Contra war in Central America in the 1980s, indicated that the US could impose secondary sanctions against allies of Venezuela and the Maduro government who oppose the effort by the US to force regime change.  Sanctioning governments across the globe for backing Maduro over Guaido violates international law and the sovereignty of the nation of Venezuela.  While 54 countries have joined the US in recognizing Guadio as the ruler of Venezuela, three-quarters of the world’s countries, including Russia and China, are siding with Maduro’s elected government.

With the vast majority of the world still seeing Nicolas Maduro
as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, America’s hawkish special envoy
has hinted that Washington might sanction third parties that defy the US
regime-change efforts.

The international
community must choose sides wisely in the Venezuelan conflict, the
curator of US intervention in the Latin American country, special envoy
Elliott Abrams, suggested on Tuesday, noting that Washington would not
limit itself to economic sanctions just against the Maduro government,
but against all who chose to support him.

“Secondary sanctions, it’s clearly a possibility,” Abrams said at a press conference, warning that a decision to sanction third party countries “would depend on the conduct of the [Venezuelan] regime over time.”

So far some 54 countries
have bowed to US pressure and recognized the self-proclaimed ‘interim
president’ Juan Guaido, who since January has been rallying support for
regime change. Whilst the US claims the “momentum is good” to get more countries on board, the majority of the world’s countries and population rejected Washington’s “imperialist” ambitions, Colin Cavell, associate professor of political science at Bluefield State College, told RT.

The US administration is “internationalizing
the Venezuelan conflict on a very dangerous basis… threatening other
countries who deal with Venezuela, saying that if you do not support our
sanctions, we are going to impose sanctions on you,”
Cavell explained.

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From Reuters:

Earlier on Tuesday, Washington’s top envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, said imposing U.S. secondary sanctions against non-U.S. citizens or entities tied to the Maduro government was “clearly a possibility,” although he said a decision had not been made on taking such a step.

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