Democrats Seek to Gain Power by Eliminating the Electoral College, Expanding the Supreme Court, Lowering the Voting Age to 16 and More!

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su_note note_color=”#efe1a7″ text_color=”#00000″ radius=”5”]Donald Trump’s election has convinced many Democrats that our institutions no longer work and must be torched to prevent anyone other than those on the left from holding positions of power. Democrats are proposing to eliminate the electoral college, pack the Supreme Court with additional (Democrat) judges, allowing illegal aliens, violent felons and 16-year olds to vote. Nancy Pelosi wants to “capture” kids in high school. In addition, the have also proposed abolishing the Senate, the border and the First and Second Amendments.[/su_note]

The electoral college that represent each state’s popular vote, and at least a dozen Democrat states are trying to abolish the electoral college in favor of a national popular vote – but they face some large hurdles based on the Constitution…

Four leading Democratic presidential candidates have suggested ‘packing’ the Supreme Court of the United States and adding more (Democrat) judges. Democrat Cory Booker has also suggested imposing term limits on Supreme Court justices.

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Ten foreigners were detained by police in Milan, suggesting that they were not freedom protestors at all but may have been hired thugs — as we have seen in all ‘social-justice’ riots involving violence and destruction — whose assignment is to create destruction to justify martial law, which is the end game.


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Now we know for sure what we suspected all along! Note she uses the word ‘cases’ not ‘infections’. Cases can be anything including someone with a cough or even someone who was close to someone who had a cough. In other words, “case” statistics are 100% bogus.


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1 year ago

If we lower the voting age to 16 because Democrats believe a 16 year old is responsible enough to choose the elected leaders of our country, then it should go without saying that these same 16 year old children are responsible enough to purchase firearms, alcohol, and porn. What could possibly be wrong with this scenario. I remember when I was 16, and all I wanted to do was get laid and party. Responsible at 16, nah I don’t think so. If you can’t win elections with good candidates and policies, then change the rules.