Is America a ‘Source of White Supremacy?’ Heather MacDonald Debunks the False Narrative with Hate Crime Statistics

su_note note_color=”#efe1a7″ text_color=”#00000″ radius=”5”]Heather MacDonald, author of ‘The Diversity Delusion,’ sets the record straight about the hysteria over “white supremacy” in America that she says is a fabrication by leftists and is disproven by the statistics. She says there are the same number of reported “hate” crimes today as there were 10 years ago when there were 25 million fewer people in the US and 20 years ago, there were 3,000 MORE reported hate crimes.

MacDonald blames
mainstream institutions beginning with campus victimhood ideology that
beats into students’ heads that white people are evil. She said that
hate is going in one direction, and that hatred in the United States
today was illustrated by Democratic politicians, leftists, and media
when they piled on the white Covington High School boys, using a false
narrative to demonize them. -GEG[/su_note]

Conservative writer and researcher Heather Mac Donald used cold, hard statistics to dispute what she claims is the “ridiculous” notion that America is a “source of white supremacy.”

Appearing on Monday night’s episode of “The Story With Martha MacCallum,” the The Diversity Delusion author responded to Fox News host Martha MacCallum’s question about the common assertion from the political left that white supremacy is “on the rise.”

Pointing to recent footage of Chelsea Clinton being confronted,
Mac Donald said: “The left is so determined to try to paint America as a
source of white supremacy when, in fact, there is virtually no
institutional support for these handful of kooks that are insane. They
are violating the very premises of Western Civilization.”

After stating that we “are all on campus now” because of the increasing inability to speak about such issues, Mac Donald cited the real hate crime statistics:

number of reported hate crimes—and we don’t know how many of those are
Jussie Smollett hoaxes—last year was identical to what it was 10 years
ago when there were 25 million fewer people in the United States and
many fewer reporting agencies. And if you go 10 years before that, you
have 3,000 more hate crimes reported. The idea that there has been some
surge in hate, much less white supremacist hate, is completely

“It looks like there is no single group
that is sort of dominating this issue and also the numbers are
relatively low,” MacCallum observed after showing a graphic from The
Washington Post. (RELATED: Reason
Editor Explains How Hate Crime Statistics Are Misrepresented, Gives
Shocking Guess On How Many Are Actually Real)

is about .0005 percent of all violent crimes in the United States,” said
Mac Donald before questioning evening the Post’s “methodology.”

are known categories, they don’t know what the motivation is,” she
said. “Why they get to count those as extremist terror incidents,
domestic terrorism when they may be your average guy going postal, I
don’t know. But their numbers do not show a surge in white supremacist
violence. It is preposterous.”

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President Trump Signs Broad Executive Order to Promote Free Speech on College Campuses

su_note note_color=”#efe1a7″ text_color=”#00000″ radius=”5”]Trump signed an executive order advising colleges to respect students’ First Amendment right to free expression under the threat of losing $35 billion in federal funding. The order was issued in response to colleges and universities that have banned presentations by conservative speakers using the excuse of protecting student safety. In addition, some campuses have imposed speech codes and free speech ‘zones’. It is unclear how the new grant restrictions will be enforced, prompting concern from critics that research grants could be stripped from schools that oppose the views and goals of the federal government and the grant-giving agncies, and that research will be micromanaged.[/su_note]

President delivers on promise to punish colleges that don’t show they guarantee free speech on campus, and includes language on outcomes data and risk sharing. But it’s unclear what force it will carry.

President Trump on Thursday delivered on his promise of an executive
order that would hold colleges that receive federal research funding
accountable for protecting free speech.

However, his bombastic rhetoric in a White House East Room ceremony wasn’t matched by the modest language of the order.

“If a college or university does not allow you to speak, we will not give them money. It’s that simple,” he said Thursday.

But the executive order
essentially directs federal agencies to ensure colleges are following
requirements already in place. And it doesn’t spell out how enforcement
of the order would work.

It directs 12 federal grant-making agencies to coordinate with the
Office of Management and Budget to certify that colleges receiving
federal research funds comply with existing federal law and regulations
involving free academic inquiry. While the administration expects public
institutions to uphold the First Amendment, the order says, private
colleges are expected to comply with their “stated institutional
policies” on freedom of speech. The free-speech directive doesn’t apply
to federal student aid programs.

The document also directs the Education Department to publish
program-level data in the College Scorecard on measures of student
outcomes, including earnings, student debt, default rates and loan
repayment rates.

And it requires the department to submit policy recommendations to
the White House by January 2020 on risk-sharing proposals for colleges
that participate in the federal student loan program.

The executive order puts extra force behind several policies the White House has backed
previously. For example, earlier this week the administration released a
report on priorities for reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
that included program-level data and a new accountability system for

President Trump has weighed in repeatedly on alleged suppression of
free speech on campuses, especially speech by conservative students.
Most recently, he announced plans
for an executive order addressing the issue at the Conservative
Political Action Conference, an annual gathering of activists and
elected officials.

“Free inquiry is an essential feature of this nation’s democracy, and
it promotes learning, scientific discovery and economic prosperity,”
the order reads. “We must encourage institutions to appropriately
account for this bedrock principle in their administration of student
life and to avoid creating environments that stifle competing
perspectives, thereby potentially impeding beneficial research and
undermining learning.”

The executive order had been in the works long before the president’s comments at the conservative event.

But it’s not clear what kind of teeth the order has beyond new
certification requirements for institutions. A senior administration
official told reporters on Thursday that federal agencies will enforce
it the same way they enforce existing federal grant conditions, which
colleges already are required to follow. The official didn’t address
details about how the order would be implemented.

Agencies covered by the order include the Departments of Education,
Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human
Services, Transportation, and Energy, as well as the Environmental
Protection Agency, National Science Foundation and NASA.

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Andrew Gillum Plans to Turn Florida Blue by Registering 1M Voters Who Are Likely to Vote Democrat

su_note note_color=”#efe1a7″ text_color=”#00000″ radius=”5”]Democrat Andrew Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor who lost the governor’s race by less than half a percentage point, seeks to turn Florida blue by registering new voters, and is targeting 1.4 million former felons in line to have their voting rights restored under a constitutional amendment approved by voters last year. He is also trying to enroll tens of thousands of Puerto Rican refugees who flocked to Florida following Hurricane Maria. Gillum’s PAC, Forward Florida, has assets of almost $4 million. Florida is the biggest swing state in the nation, with 29 of the 270 electoral college votes needed to win.[/su_note]

Andrew Gillum announced a plan Wednesday to register and turn-out 1
million new and low-propensity Florida voters in an effort to crush
President Donald Trump’s reelection chances in the nation’s largest
swing state.

“Voter registration is red flag No. 1,” the former Tallahassee mayor
told POLITICO, calling increased voter registration crucial to the
Democratic Party’s ability to survive and thrive in Florida.

“We’re looking at a target of 1 million,” he said. “We’ve got over 3
million people eligible to vote, and that’s to say nothing of the 1.4
million returning citizens” — former felons in line to have their voting
rights restored under a constitutional amendment approved by voters
last year.

Gillum’s staff wouldn’t give specifics about the targeted number of
new voters he hoped to register or the number of voters they hope to
reengage after they decided not to vote in the past two general

At the same time, the Florida Democratic Party said it will spend $2
million in the next year to register 200,000 voters ahead of the 2020
presidential primary.

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo said the party
hasn’t dedicated enough resources to registering voters in recent years.

There are currently 4.96 million registered Democrats in the state,
compared to 4.7 million Republicans and nearly 3.6 million voters with
no party affiliation.

Progressive activists who supported Gillum in last year’s
gubernatorial race have speculated that he might mount a bid for
president. In an interview with POLITICO before a speech today at the
historically black Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, Gillum
said it’s more important for him to grow the state’s voter rolls to help
the Democratic nominee.

He noted a decline in the party’s voter edge since President Barack Obama’s first campaign.

“In 2008, Democrats had an advantage of almost 700,000 more Democrats
than Republicans when Obama ran,” Gillum said. “In my last race, that
advantage had shrunk to the 260,000 range. It was a very precipitous

Gillum supporters registered a voter outreach group — Bring it Home
Florida, named after his signature campaign phrase — with the state last

Trump’s campaign is heavily focused on Florida, the biggest swing
state in the nation, with 29 of the 270 electoral college votes needed
to win. Without the Sunshine State, the president’s path to re-election
narrows significantly.

If a Democrat can carry Florida in 2020, he or she could win the
White House by capturing just one other swing state—Wisconsin, Michigan,
Ohio, or Pennsylvania—if the remaining states vote the way they did in

Trump won Florida and some other swing states by razor-thin margins,
raising hope among Democrats that their 2016 turnout woes can be
remedied by growing voter rolls and persuading swing and first-time
voters to cast ballots against the incumbent.

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