Venezuela Suffers major Power Outages After Alleged Cyber Attack

An blackout has covered most of Venezuela over the past several days after the country’s main electricity generator, the Guri Dam, failed. The Maduro administration alleges that the failure was due to cyber attacks and pointed the finger at the US government that has called for Maduro’s ouster. Venezuela’s Communications Minister reported that a cyberattack had taken place against the dam’s computerized system forcing its turbines to stop. Venezuela intends to present evidence of the attack to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and to other international bodies. Meanwhile, US-backed “Interim President” Juan Guaido is using the crisis to call for the armed forces to back his efforts in ousting the Maduro government and tweeted, “electricity will return once the usurpation ends.”

Caracas, March 10, 2019 (
– An electricity blackout has affected most of Venezuela for several
days after an alleged cyber attack crashed the country’s main
electricity generator, the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant in Bolivar
State, commonly known as the Guri Dam.

Starting around 5 PM on Thursday, the outage affected 70 percent of
the country, with only several eastern states unaffected. By Saturday
morning, power had been restored to most of Caracas and to central
states such as Miranda, Aragua and Carabobo, when a second major outage
took place as a result of a renewed cyberattack, according to Venezuelan

As of Sunday evening, power has been restored to most of the capital
and to parts of the western states of Tachira and Barinas. According to
on the ground testimonies on social media, various other states,
including Merida and Zulia, have not had power since Thursday.

On Saturday, President Maduro told crowds at the end of a
pro-government rally that a large scale attack against the country’s
electric infrastructure had taken place on Thursday afternoon. He
pointed the finger at the US, stressing the high level of sophistication
of the alleged aggression and adding that efforts to restore power were
set back by a new cyber attack on Saturday morning.

Maduro announced that he was ordering a massive distribution of food
and drinkable water starting Monday, as well as efforts to secure the
normal functioning of hospitals. Water Minister Evelyn Vazquez announced
on Sunday that water tanks were being deployed while the water pumping
system was getting up to speed.

On Friday, Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez told press that a
cyberattack had taken place against the “Ardas” computerized system of
the Guri Dam, targeting 3 of the 5 generators and forcing the dam’s
turbines to stop. He added that Venezuela would present evidence of the
attack to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and to other
international bodies.

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Another Hat Crime: Bus Aide Snatches Trump Hat Off 14-Year Old Student’s Head

Florida: A school bus aide allegedly yanked a Trump hat off of a 14-year old student’s head who was celebrating hat day at his school while other students were allowed to wear their different hats. The school will not allow the student’s mother to see the video of the incident until after the school district completed its investigation. The bus aide apologized and admitted she overreacted. Trump supporters have been dealing with confrontations and even assault from leftists since his presidential campaign began in 2015.

A school bus aide allegedly yanked a Trump hat off a 14-year-old student’s head who was celebrating hat day and his “pride in Trump’s America.”

Immediately after boarding the bus, the aide shouted “boy, if you
don’t take that hat off this bus,” according to surveillance footage
that is part of the incident’s investigation.

“I was really confused, I was like ‘I can’t wear this?’” Said the student. “She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around.”

“I said ‘write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong,’ and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy.”

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UN Commission on Human Rights Says Israel’s Killing of Gaza Protesters Is An International War Crime

The UN Human Rights Council released a report on the Gaza ‘Great Return March’ stating there is a strong case for concluding that Israel committed International war crimes against demonstrators. 89 demonstrators were killed between March 30 and December 31, 2018. Of these,183 were killed with live ammunition, including 35 children, 3 health workers, and 2 members of the press. Only 29 were members of Palestinian armed groups. No Israeli soldiers were killed. Regarding the killing of children, health workers, and journalists, the commission found “reasonable grounds to believe that snipers shot them intentionally.” The commission concluded that the use of live ammo by Israel was unlawful and that Israeli soldiers engaged in disproportionate use of force. -GEG

United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council have released a powerful
report, on the Gaza ‘Great Return March’ demonstrations, stating that
they have grounds to believe Israel committed International War Crimes
against demonstrators during “large-scale civilian protests”.

The 22-page document has been
condemned by the Israeli government, as there is talk of Israel being
brought to the International Court of Justice and tried for war crimes
and violations of International Law against demonstrations that “were
civilian in nature”.

The commission conducted
325 interviews and meetings with victims, witnesses, government
officials and members of civil society, from all sides, and gathered
more than 8,000 documents, including affidavits, medical reports, open
source reports, social media content, written submissions and expert
legal opinions, video and drone footage, and photographs.”

Here are the most important points concluded in the report:

  • The
    commission found in the killings of 189 demonstrators between 30 March
    and 31 December 2018, 183 were killed with live ammunition, including 35
    children, 3 health workers and 2 members of the Press. Only 29 of those
    killed were members of Palestinian armed groups.
  • Only 4 Israeli snipers were lightly injured, none were killed by demonstrators.
  • 23,313
    Palestinian demonstrators were injured during the 2018 demonstrations,
    6106 with live ammunition, “contributing to the highest toll of injuries
    recorded in the Occupied Palestinian Territory since 2005.
  • On the
    killing of child demonstrators, the commission found “reasonable grounds
    to believe that Israeli snipers shot them intentionally, knowing that
    they were children”.
  • On the
    killing of health workers, “the commission found reasonable grounds to
    believe that Israeli snipers intentionally shot health workers, despite
    seeing that they were clearly marked as such”.
  • On the
    killings of journalists, “the commission found reasonable grounds to
    believe that Israeli snipers shot journalists intentionally, despite
    seeing that they were clearly marked as such”.
  • The
    commission found that both male and female protestors were shot in the
    groin. The female victims told the commission they are now “unlikely to
    be able to have children”.
  • The policy
    of the Israeli Minister of Defense, was to deny passage to any person
    injured during demonstrations, causing unnecessary deaths and life
    changing injuries.
  • According
    to the commission, except in two possible cases, “the use of live
    ammunition by Israeli security forces against demonstrators was
  • Israel used a “disproportionate use of force”.
  • The
    “demonstrators were shot in violation of their right to life or of the
    principle of distinction under international humanitarian law”.
  • The
    commission found “reasonable grounds to believe that the excessive use
    of force by Israeli security forces violated the rights” of thousands of
    demonstrators who were peaceful.
  • The commission found “reasonable grounds” to believe that Israel violated “The Convention on the Rights of the Child”.
  • “Violations
    of international law, such as those committed by Israeli security
    forces and set out in this report, give rise to State responsibility…”.

The commission found serious human rights violations that may
constitute crimes against humanity and called on Israel to “Lift the
blockade on Gaza with immediate effect.

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Democrat Congressman Nadler Is Willing to Destroy the Lives of 81 People in His Search for a Crime to Get Trump

Democrat US Representative Jerrold Nadler sent 81 letters to President Trump‘s family, friends, employees, and supporters, initiating a House Judiciary Committee investigation into criminal conduct by the president. This is an extreme abuse of power, as Nadler has failed to identify any crime committed by Trump. Nadler’s intent is to intimidate the 81 people into cooperating with his investigation and those who refuse will be harassed and subjected to enormous legal fees that could cost them their life savings and homes. The media works with these selective investigations, condemning the target in the court of public opinion before they get their day in court. Nadler and every member of Congress, and every government prosecutor know that they can needlessly destroy a person’s life and it doesn’t cost them one dime out of their pocket. Not a single penny! They have the entire US Treasury at their disposal to drain the target financially and annihilate them personally and professionally.

Last week, U.S. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, D-New York, sent 81 letters
to President Donald J. Trump‘s family, friends, employees (past and
present), and supporters, claiming that he was initiating a House
Judiciary Committee investigation into criminal conduct by the President
of the United States.

No one was surprised by his announcement since he had promised to do
this within hours after the Democratic Party took control of the House
back in November 2018. Ironically he couldn’t identify then, nor can he
today, what crimes he’s investigating, nor how his investigation differs
from both the House and Senate’s investigations, and Special Counsel
Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian Collusion that’s
lasted over two years, at a price tag of approximately $40 million to
American tax payers.

Unlike the other investigations, there is one thing distinctly
different about this one, based on Nadler’s prior statements and target
list. That is that this Congressional investigation can only be
described as a corrupt abuse of power intended to intimidate, threaten,
attack, and financially break those 81 people targeted by Nadler and the

Nadler knows that each one of the people he targeted will have to pay
for their own attorney fees which can be in the millions, and should
his targets fail to cooperate or respond to his letters, then they will
be subpoenaed, at which time the real fun begins.

Nadler’s intent is to first threaten and intimidate his targets in
hopes of gaining their cooperation in the investigation. For those that
will not be intimidated, he’ll burden them with document productions and
testimony, hoping that he can catch them in a perjury trap if nothing
else. All of this will come at an enormous cost to his targets — as much
as their entire life savings, their homes, and everything they own.

Should the committee refer any of these targets to the Justice
Department and FBI for criminal charges, the personal torture only
worsens. Then the scrutiny increases to the point of no return.

In other words, no reasonable person can withstand the government’s
scrutiny when they can turn regulatory, ethical, or civil violations
into criminal conduct.

According to Harvey Silverglate, a famed author and attorney that
specializes in criminal defense, civil liberties, and academic
freedom/student rights law, any and every American on any given day
could be charged with three felonies a day, if you are unfortunate
enough to become the target of an overzealous or rogue prosecutor.

Unfortunately, in these types of selective and political
investigations and prosecutions, the end justifies the means, and no one
cares about the personal destruction along the way.

Then there is the press and media, that will do everything in their
power to destroy you in the court of public opinion, while at the same
time, be the driving tool for the investigative bodies. Another
interesting facet of this paradigm, is that the investigators
intentionally leak investigative details to the press and media to
ensure their targets are beyond guilty before they ever step into a

Members of Congress and government investigators use the entire
weight and budget of the United States of America to ravage their
targets, while those targets have to fend for themselves at legal rates
in most cases of $1,000–$1,500 per hour per attorney.

I’ve been through this process.

In 2004 I withdrew my name from consideration for a presidential
cabinet position after admitting to the White House that I had hired an
illegal immigrant as a nanny for my children. From 2005–2010, I became
the target of state and federal investigators during which time, the
government scrutinized every aspect of my life for the prior ten years.
My legal bills ranged from $100,000-$150,000, per month, and in October
2009, my legal bill for that 30-day period, was the straw that broke the camel’s back: $476,000. I had no choice but to plead guilty to save my family at the time.

It cost me millions in life savings and the loss of tens of millions
in business, and it was only then that I realized that you don’t have
the constitutional rights you think you have unless you have the money
to pay for them.

The sick and demented part of this, is that Nadler and every member
of Congress, and every government prosecutor knows this, and they also
know that they can needlessly destroy your life and it doesn’t cost them
one dime out of their pocket. Not a single penny! They have the entire
U.S. treasury at their disposal to drain you financially and annihilate
you personally and professionally.

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Jussie Smollett Indicted on 16 Felony Charges

Illinois: A grand jury indicted actor Jussie Smollett on 16 felony charges and he faces a sentence of up to 3 years in prison for each individual charge that is based on each alleged falsehood Smollett relayed to police officers and detectives. Smollett, who is gay and black, told police he was attacked at 2:00 am on January 29 by two white men, who poured bleach on him, wrapped a noose around his neck, assaulted him, and spewed racist and homophobic slurs. Authorities claim the two attackers, who are black, have confessed to their role in the hoax after Smollett paid them $3,500 to stage the incident. Smollett may also face federal charges for mail fraud on allegations that he mailed a hate speech letter to himself that contained a white powder that was later found to be harmless. If it can be proved he deliberately used the mail to commit a fraudulent act, he faces 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

According to the New York Times, Jussie Smollett comes from an activist family and grew up in San Francisco in the orbit of the Black Panthers.

Link for NY Times article:

From the Washington Times:

A federal mail fraud charge that could mean up to 20 years in prison is the shoe left to drop in the Jussie Smollett scandal.

On Friday, the State of Illinois hit suspended Empire star Smollett with 16 class 4 felony counts
of disorderly conduct pertaining to allegations he filed a false police
report after conspiring to orchestrate a hate crime hoax against
himself for publicity purposes.

The 16 counts are based on each alleged falsehood Smollett relayed to the police officers who initially responded to his call and the detectives assigned later.

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Detroit Hotel Cancels Agreement with Event When It Learns Speakers Include Steve Bannon, Sheriff David Clarke, and Triple Amputee, Brian Kolfage

Detroit Foundation Hotel canceled its agreement with a venue organized by “Build the Wall” a few hours after it learned that the guest list included Trump supporters, Steve Bannon, Sheriff David Clarke, and Purple Heart recipient, Brian Kolfage. This is an extension of the growing trend to use private businesses and economic measures to eliminate freedom-of-speech in America. Shadow banning, withdrawal of advertising, and cancellation of Internet accounts is now joined by denial-of-services at the local level.
[Our Red Pill Exp-2019 — to be held in Hartford, CT, in June — experienced a similar slap in the face a few days ago when the hotel that had been eager to book a block of rooms for the event suddenly canceled the agreement. No reason was given, but this occurred just a few days following the launch of a smear campaign by a local group calling itself Downtown Hartford CT. The group began a Facebook campaign and made phone calls to businesses near our event warning that they were risking their good reputations if they cooperated with Red Pill. They falsly accused the organizers of Red Pill (that’s us) of being alt-right, racists, and Fascists. We are guessing that the hotel management, without suspecting the motives of the organizers of this smear campaign, thought they were hearing from concerned citizens, instead of political operatives, so they canceled our contract! The Red Pill Expo will go on, of course, and this foul play has merely made us more determined than ever to make it a huge success. You can help us achieve that by signing up for the live-stream of the event or, if you can travel to Hartford, register to attend. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could flood Hartford with thousands of normal, intelligent, non-violent, freedom-loving truth-seekers who, by their mere presence, would prove the lie told by Downtown Hartford CT? Learn about Red Pill Expo in the link below] -GEG


Steve Bannon, Purple Heart recipient triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage and Sheriff Clarke will be traveling to Detroit next week for a town hall event that was organized by ‘We Build the Wall.’

Kolfage, Bannon, Sheriff Clarke and crew were recommended they stay at the Detroit Foundation Hotel because of the close proximity to the Cobo Center where the town hall will be held next Thursday.

The group sales staffer from the hotel called Kolfage’s staffer eager
to assist them with their event and accommodations needs on Friday
morning, according to Kolfage.

Kolfage’s staffer told the hotel they needed 23 rooms for two nights from March 13th-15th.

The hotel salesperson replied that they had rooms available and
offered the group the rate of 186.00 per room per night — a discount
from the online single person only reservation price of $250- per night.

Brian Kolfage told this reporter that he accepted the offer immediately.

The hotel salesperson then asked for an email address to send a credit card authorization form and a list of names.

In a March 8th email obtained by The Gateway Pundit, a Detroit Foundation Hotel employee is happy to accommodate Brian Kolfage and his crew. The employee sounds enthusiastic to make the sale and asks Brian Kolfage for the names of the guests and payment information.

About an hour after Brian Kolfage sent the hotel salesperson
the list of names, he received an email back from the hotel staffer
letting him know they decided to “withdraw” the group offer.

In an email obtained by The Gateway Pundit, the hotel staffer says,
“Thanks so much for taking the time to send over this information. After
reviewing our hotel’s position, unfortunately we are going to have to
withdraw our group offer for this program. We are in a bit of a tough
spot at the moment, and feel it’s best to walk away.”

“Your guests are more than welcome to book on their own through our website, but we cannot place a group offer,” the hotel staffer wrote in an email to Brian Kolfage.

In other words, Brian Kolfage and his crew would have to pay
the hotel thousands of more dollars to stay there just because they are
Trump supporters.

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