Talk-Show Host Files Law Suit Against Southern Poverty Law Center for Defamation

Talk Show host, Gavin McInnes, is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center after the group designated his former fraternal organization, the Proud Boys, as an extremist hate group that advocates violence. As a result, McInnes has been blocked by Internet platforms, has suffered economic loss, and has been harassed by strangers and neighbors. McInnes says that SPLC lies about its political opponents in an attempt to “destroy” them and to attract donations from the left. The SPLC has received hundreds of millions of dollars for this purpose. -GEG


Gavin McInnes Launches Lawsuit Against SPLC on Organization’s Hometurf Alleging Defamation and Damages

McInnes has been harassed, deprived of work, and suffered other
damages as a result of being wrongly placed on The South Poverty Law
Center’s partisan hate list.

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Montgomery, AL – Talk show host Gavin McInnes has filed suit
against the hyperpartisan Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) this week.
The 61-page complaint was electronically filed early Monday morning in
the Middle District of Alabama outlining defamation and other tortious
acts resulting in reputational and economic damages.

The Canadian-immigrant talk show host is demanding an apology
from the left-wing SPLC for purposefully misrepresenting his beliefs in a
defamatory manner and the defamatory mischaracterization of a fraternal
club he founded, Proud Boys.

McInnes is being represented by noted First Amendment attorney
Ron D. Coleman of Mandelbaum Salsburg P.C. and Baron Coleman of the
Baron Coleman Law Firm.

Gavin McInnes will appear in the city of Montgomery Monday
morning to consult with his legal and advocacy team, making himself
available to local members of the media and kick off the launch of a
crowdfunding website,

Attorney Ron Coleman emphasized the significance of the case in
relation to the growing partisan divide and practice of censorship by
stating, “[t]his lawsuit has implications beyond Gavin McInnes because
we’re challenging the use of deplatforming and defunding to privately
censor speech. If we can’t stop this phenomenon now, the First Amendment
will be rendered meaningless as dissent is silenced through private
actors such as SPLC and its allies.”

Montgomery-based attorney Baron Coleman noting, “I wasn’t
familiar with Gavin or his work prior to beginning work on this case.
But there is absolutely zero excuse in America for systematically
targeting someone for complete personal and financial destruction
because they support a different politician or different set of
political beliefs. I wouldn’t represent a racist or an anti-semite. And
Gavin is neither. And the most horrific part of this entire ordeal is
that the SPLC knows Gavin isn’t a racist or anti-semite or anything else
they’ve labeled him. Rather, he supports a different slate of
politicians with his satire and wit, and the SPLC would rather destroy
him than have him out there convincing other people to see politics his

McInnes released the following statement:

I, Gavin McInnes, formerly of every job I’ve ever had, am
announcing, as of today, a lawsuit against the SPLC. They have harassed
me, my family, and my friends to a level of tortious interference that
goes well into sabotage.

I am doing this, not just to protect my reputation and my family but to protect everyone else’s. The SPLC has gone from a noble institution genuinely dedicated to eradicating hate to a hate group in and of itself that pretends this country is frothing with bigots desperate to foment WW3. They purposely lie about their enemies in an attempt to “destroy” them (their words) and it’s become a very effective way to make money. Scaremongering brought them the $50m their founder originally set out to make. Since then, it’s garnered hundreds of millions including untold millions in the Cayman Islands. I don’t fault entrepreneurs but they are using this incredible wealth to wield power over the innocent and destroy careers and businesses in their insatiable need to generate more bigots because, in the world of SPLC fundraising, mo hate is mo money.

Ben Carson is an extremist to them. So is, Laura Ingraham, the Tea
Party, Jeanine Pirro, a group of volunteer lawyers called Alliance
Defending Freedom, the Center for Immigration Studies, Ayaan Hirsi Ali,
and Maajid Nawaz. Maajid was a jihadist who toned it down and became a
moderate Muslim. For that, he was deemed an anti-Muslim extremist. He
sued the SPLC and won. I intend to win too.

I have had enough – no, WE have had enough of America being
portrayed as a racist, Islamophobic, sexist, homophobic etc etc hellhole
where “White nationalists” have, “become emboldened in the age of
Trump.” It’s not true. The vast majority of us are good people and
getting us fired and deplatformed because we dare to support the
president isn’t just a corrupt and immoral way to make money. It’s not
just immoral. It’s un-American.

I have been completely kicked off all platforms including Paypal
which I was using to help people get decent legal representation. I’m
unable to defend myself against the lies being spread around the
Internet. My family has been attacked and so have my friends. The
pro-Trump men’s club I started, the Proud Boys, have been rounded up and
arrested facing serious felonies for daring to defend themselves
against the radical left. It’s not just my circle of conservative
Christians. Seemingly countless business and careers have been
“destroyed” (yes “destroyed” – their word) by this group. Leo Johnson
was working security at the Family Research Council when he was shot by a
man who saw them on the SPLC’s hate group list. The Steve Scalise
shootings were inspired by the SPLC’s list. A professor at Middlebury
College was hospitalized after daring to defend Charles Murray who was
deemed verboten by the SPLC. When you see their hate map of America,
you’d think you were living in Nazi Germany.

It’s not just Twitter or a couple of apps. They are embedding
themselves into Big Tech overall and getting involved with banks.
Jennifer Morse runs The Ruth Institute, which is a group that
prioritizes father / mother couples over gays in adoption procedures.
It’s a pretty mainstream stance but thanks to the SPLC, her bank has
closed all her accounts. Why are we giving these random busybodies so
much power?

I’ve had enough of this group pretending to fight hate while
manifesting it out of thin air. Their relentless thirst for fake
villains shows no signs of abating, and until we stop and say “No,” they
will continue to portray this country as a dark and disgusting Klan
rally populated with bigots determined to torture those who disagree.
That’s a lie. It’s a profitable lie that has made them
multi-millionaires with unlimited power but the buck stops here. Let’s
fight back.

Please join me in the fight of my life. I want to help you take
this country back. We are living in one of the most prosperous and
egalitarian nations in the world. Let’s enjoy it.

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