Sheriffs in Washington State Are Receiving Death Threats Over Their Refusal to Enforce Gun Control

Washington state passed a gun-control law in November that raised the age of purchasing a rifle to 21, created an ‘enhanced background check, requires gun buyers to complete a firearms safety training course, and established storage requirements. A number of sheriffs around the state, including those from Spokane, Chelan, Stevens, Douglas, Benton, Adams, and Lewis counties, have refused to enforce the law because, in their view, it violates the Second Amendment. In response, threats to kill these sheriffs and all Republicans were posted on Facebook. -GEG

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said he refused to enforce
Washington State’s latest gun control law, I-1639. According to the
Sheriff’s office, a person called into Crime Stoppers to report a threat
made on Facebook.

“Sheriff Knezovich is going to get a bullet in
his skull,” the post allegedly read. The caller also said he’d shoot
anyone who disagrees with I-1639.

When investigators looked into
the person’s Facebook account, the user also commented on a news story
about Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones refusing to enforce the new law.
The person commented on the news story saying, “I am going to kill every
single one of them,” referring to Republicans.

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