New HUD Grants Threaten Single-Family Homes Because They Are ‘Racist’

Local governments across the US are removing single-family neighborhoods in the name of fighting racism. Minneapolis is opening single-family neighborhoods to apartment buildings. The NAACP in Baltimore filed a suit against the city charging that public housing causes ghettos because the buildings are located together. Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Tina Kotek, is drafting legislation that would end single-family zoning. Most political entities depend on grants from the federal Housing and Urban Development agency, which is prepared to take legal action against communities that use “discriminating zoning ordinances that discourage the development of affordable, multifamily housing.” The real goal is, not to fight racism, but to move people into high-density urban areas with “Stack and Pack” apartment buildings, which is mandated by the UN’s Agenda-21 blueprint for the elimination of private property. -GEG

Lisa Haven presents startling facts about the globalist plan in this video.

One of the main indicators used by economists to measure the health of the nation’s economy is housing starts—the number of private homes being built around the nation. In 2018 housing starts fell in all four regions of the nation, representing the biggest drop since 2016.

While many economists point to
issues such as higher material costs as a reason for the drop in housing
starts, a much more ominous reason may be emerging. Across the nation,
city councils and state legislatures are beginning to remove zoning
protections for single-family neighborhoods, claiming they are racist
discrimination designed to keep certain minorities out of such
neighborhoods. In response to these charges some government officials
are calling for the end of single-family homes in favor of multiple
family apartments..

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: the city council is moving to
    remove zoning that protects single-family neighborhoods, instead
    planning to add apartment buildings in the mix. The mayor actually said
    such zoning was “devised as a legal way to keep black Americans and
    other minorities from moving into certain neighborhoods”. Racist, social
    injustice are the charges
  • Chicago, Illinois: So-called
    “affordable housing” advocates have filed a federal complaint against
    the longtime tradition of allowing City Aldermen veto power over most
    development proposals in their wards, charging that it promotes
    discrimination by keeping low-income minorities from moving into
    affluent white neighborhoods. Essentially the complaint seeks to remove
    the Aldermen’s ability to represent their own constituents.
  • Baltimore,
    Maryland: The NAACP filed a suit against the city charging that Section
    8 public housing causes ghettos because they are all put into the same
    areas of town. They won the suit and now the city must spend millions of
    dollars to move such housing into more affluent neighborhoods. In
    addition, landlords are no longer permitted to ask potential tenants if
    they can afford the rent on their properties.
  • Oregon: Speaker of
    the Oregon House of Representatives Tina Kotek (D-Portland) is drafting
    legislation that would end single-family zoning in cities of 10,000 or
    more. She claims there is a housing shortage crisis and that economic
    and racial segregation are caused by zoning restrictions.

identical policies don’t just simultaneously spring up across the
country by accident. There is a force behind it. The root of these
actions are found in “fair housing” policies dictated by the federal
Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD). The affected communities
have all taken HUD grants. There is very specific language in those
grants that suggest single family homes are a cause of discrimination.
Specifically, through the HUD program called Affirmatively Furthering
Fair Housing (AFFH), the agency is taking legal action against
communities that use “discriminating zoning ordinances that discourage
the development of affordable, multifamily housing…”. The suits are
becoming a widely used enforcement tool for the agency.

To enforce its social engineering policies HUD demands the following from communities that have applied for or taken HUD grants:

  • First,
    HUD forces the community to complete an “Assessment of Fair Housing” to
    identify all “contributing factors” to discrimination. These include a
    complete breakdown of race, income levels, religion, and national origin
    of every single person living there. They use this information to
    determine if the neighborhood meets a preset “balance,” determined by
  • Second, HUD demands a detailed plan showing how the
    community intends to eliminate the “contributing factors” to this
  • Once the plan is prepared, then the community is
    required to sign an agreement to take no actions that are “materially
    inconsistent with its obligation to affirmatively further fair housing.”

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