Houston: Two Innocent People Dead after ‘No-Knock Raid’ Based on False Report of Drug Buy by Undercover Officer

Houston Police Department (HPD) Senior Officer Gerald Goines, 54, is accused of lying about a tip from an informant indicating that a couple, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, were dealing drugs and had large amounts of heroin and weapons in their home.  Several weeks ago, HPD obtained a warrant and conducted a “no-knock raid” surprise attack on the Tuttles, and police shot the couple dead when they tried to defend themselves.  Four Houston police officers were also shot.  Confidential informants said that they did not buy drugs from the couple on behalf of Officer Goines.  It is unknown if any of the other officers were aware of the false report.  Goines was involved in a prior shooting in 1997 involving road rage.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The Houston police officer at the center of the botched drug raid has been shot twice before. The facts of one of those shootings changed dramatically in the days after it.

Senior Officer Gerald Goines, 54, was shot in 1992 and 1997.

1992, Houston police said Goines had just completed a narcotics
transaction when he stopped to urinate on a tree. The homeowner, who was
worried about burglars, walked outside and spoke to Goines. Moments
later, police said at the time, he returned with a pistol. Goines was
shot in the jaw.

In 1997, what was first believed to be a
narcotics bust turned out to be a deadly case of road rage on the
Southwest Freeway, according to police. Days after the shooting that
left Goines injured and another man, Reginald Dorsey, dead, police said
the two were competing for space on the freeway. Dorsey pulled out a
gun. Both men fired. Goines was shot in the arm and abdomen.

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