Asgardia, the World’s First Space Kingdom, Has Gained 1 Million Citizens Here on Earth

Asgardia is the first space kingdom, and is endorsed by the International Space Station.  The space nation has a constitution, an anthem and a pledge, and now has over on million citizens who have joined the venture.  Igor Ashurbeyli, a billionaire from Azerbaijan, who has ties with the United Nations, created his own space station and is the first head of state in the new realm.  They have launched a satellite as their first space territory and have plans to build space platforms and settlements on the moon.  The space nation has a hidden agenda, and is based around a technocracy instead of individual rights.  Citizens are human resources who are spied upon and tracked.  Asgardia is a constitutional monarchy, but the monarch has yet to be identified.

A video came out about five months ago that detailed the nation of Asgardia,
a newly formed technocracy that is based in space. Their sovereign
“lands” are a space station currently in low Earth orbit and their
citizens are spread around the world.

When the video popped up, I watched it with some interest but assumed
the nation would fail quickly. They have lofty goals and it would take
either a lot of time or a whole lot of money for them start gaining real
traction. I was surprised to learn that had nearly 300,000 citizens at
the time. Apparently, the money is flowing more freely than I expected.

Now, they’re over 1,000,000 citizens. It’s time to take notice.

My Take

There are a lot of real dangers that should be recognized about such a
place. They are hyper-sensitive to self-identity influencing any aspect
of life as an Asgardian. While the people are free to have views on
anything from politics to religion, those views may not be spread
throughout the citizenry. Unity is based on adherence to the
constitution as the supreme rule over everything Asgardians believe.
Whatever other views their citizens may have, those views are secondary
to the collective.

Throughout their constitution, they repeatedly invoke “social justice” as a key role in all aspects of life.

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