Los Angeles: Companies Must Disclose National Rifle Association (NRA) Ties for City Contracts

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously, 14 to 0, to require companies to disclose National Rifle Association (NRA) ties in order to be eligible for city contracts.  In addition, the companies wishing to work with the city must also disclose any ties “their subsidiaries have with the NRA” as well.  The ordinance was sponsored by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who believes the NRA perpetuates mass shootings by standing in the way of more gun control, despite California’s already stringent gun control laws that have failed to prevent gun violence while stripping law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional right to bear arms.

On Tuesday the Los Angeles City Council voted to require companies
to disclose National Rifle Association (NRA) ties in order to be
eligible for city contracts.

The council’s vote was 14-0

The Los Angeles Times reports that the new ordinance means contractors that wish to work with the city must not only release their ties but any ties “their subsidiaries have with the NRA” as well.

The ordinance requiring companies to reveal NRA ties was sponsored
by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who believes the NRA perpetuates mass
shootings by standing in the way of more gun control. O’Farrell said,
“[The NRA has] been a road block to gun safety reform at every level of
government now for several decades.”

California has universal background checks, gun registration
requirements, gun confiscation laws, a requirement that would-be gun
buyers get a gun safety certificate from the state, a 10-day waiting
period on gun purchases, an “assault weapons” ban, a ban on campus
carry, a “good cause” stipulation on concealed carry permit issuance, a
purchase limit of one long gun a month, and controls on ammunition,
which limit Californians to buying their bullets from state-approved
vendors. Yet California witnesses some of the most high profile
shootings in our nation year after year after year.

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Chicago: Accused Mass Shooter Had an Illegal Gun as He Had a Prior Felony for Assault with a Baseball Bat

Chicago: Gary Martin, 45, shot and killed five people at his place of work, the Henry Pratt Company water valve manufacturing company, and injured five policemen on Friday.. The state’s gun strict gun control laws failed as Martin was able to obtain an Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card and a handgun, despite his felony record, for aggravated assault for hitting his former girlfriend with a baseball bat and stabbing her in 1994.  In addition to his felony, Martin had been arrested six times by Aurora police on traffic charges and domestic violence issues.

A new gun control law to collect the applicant’s social media data and internet search history is now under consideration in Illinois. 

A disgruntled employee, who fatally shot five people
and wounded five officers at an Illinois warehouse Friday, severely
beat a woman years ago in a domestic violence incident that turned him
into a felon — and should have kept him from buying a gun.

decades before police said Gary Martin, 45, opened fire at his
co-workers, he was convicted of aggravated assault in Mississippi.
Authorities there said he regularly abused a former girlfriend, at one
point, hitting her with a baseball bat and stabbing her with a knife.

I can remember is him hitting and kicking me, I can remember fighting
and screaming for help. I remember him pushing my head into that brick
wall outside the apartment and thinking that he was going to kill me,”
the woman told police in Mississippi in 1994, according to court

The incident led to Martin’s arrest. He
pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison, though
records show he served less than three years. He later moved to Aurora,
Ill., where he spent 15 years working at a warehouse, where he was able
to buy a gun despite his felony record, and where, on Friday afternoon,
violence erupted again.

Authorities in the
Chicago suburb said Martin was called into a meeting at the Henry Pratt
Co. warehouse. After he was told he was being fired, he began shooting,
killing the three employees who were at the meeting and two others who
were nearby, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman told reporters Saturday.
Among the dead was an intern on his first day at work.

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New gun control proposal to collect the applicant’s social media data and internet search history:

Dershowitz: FBI and DOJ Deep State Attempted a Coup to Oust Trump Using the 25th Amendment

Former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, told Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes” that Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proposed invoking the 25th Amendment to oust President Trump in 2017, and that Rosenstein was counting potential supporting votes of cabinet members.  Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said that the 25th Amendment is for emergencies when the president is unable to perform his duties, and is not meant to circumvent the impeachment process. 

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz compared attempts to use the
25th Amendment against President Donald Trump to a coup d’etat and said
Thursday the measure is being abused.

“If [former FBI Deputy
Director Andrew McCabe’s claims are] true, it is clearly an attempted
coup d’etat,” Dershowitz said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” (RELATED: Rosenstein Held Meetings On Removing Trump With 25th Amendment, Wearing Wire Into Oval Office)

Dershowitz said
the 25th Amendment has nothing to do with special counsel Robert
Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s possible ties to Russia and said
critics of the president are conflating the issues in an attempt to
remove him from office.

“Let’s take the worst case scenario.
Let’s assume the president of the United States was in bed with the
Russians, committed treason, committed obstruction of justice — the 25th
Amendment simply is irrelevant to that. That’s why you have an
impeachment provision,” he said. “The 25th Amendment is about [former
President] Woodrow Wilson having a stroke. It’s about a president being
shot and not being able to perform his office. It’s not about the most
fundamental disagreements. It’s not about impeachable offenses.”

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Asgardia, the World’s First Space Kingdom, Has Gained 1 Million Citizens Here on Earth

Asgardia is the first space kingdom, and is endorsed by the International Space Station.  The space nation has a constitution, an anthem and a pledge, and now has over on million citizens who have joined the venture.  Igor Ashurbeyli, a billionaire from Azerbaijan, who has ties with the United Nations, created his own space station and is the first head of state in the new realm.  They have launched a satellite as their first space territory and have plans to build space platforms and settlements on the moon.  The space nation has a hidden agenda, and is based around a technocracy instead of individual rights.  Citizens are human resources who are spied upon and tracked.  Asgardia is a constitutional monarchy, but the monarch has yet to be identified.

A video came out about five months ago that detailed the nation of Asgardia,
a newly formed technocracy that is based in space. Their sovereign
“lands” are a space station currently in low Earth orbit and their
citizens are spread around the world.

When the video popped up, I watched it with some interest but assumed
the nation would fail quickly. They have lofty goals and it would take
either a lot of time or a whole lot of money for them start gaining real
traction. I was surprised to learn that had nearly 300,000 citizens at
the time. Apparently, the money is flowing more freely than I expected.

Now, they’re over 1,000,000 citizens. It’s time to take notice.

My Take

There are a lot of real dangers that should be recognized about such a
place. They are hyper-sensitive to self-identity influencing any aspect
of life as an Asgardian. While the people are free to have views on
anything from politics to religion, those views may not be spread
throughout the citizenry. Unity is based on adherence to the
constitution as the supreme rule over everything Asgardians believe.
Whatever other views their citizens may have, those views are secondary
to the collective.

Throughout their constitution, they repeatedly invoke “social justice” as a key role in all aspects of life.

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Houston: Two Innocent People Dead after ‘No-Knock Raid’ Based on False Report of Drug Buy by Undercover Officer

Houston Police Department (HPD) Senior Officer Gerald Goines, 54, is accused of lying about a tip from an informant indicating that a couple, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, were dealing drugs and had large amounts of heroin and weapons in their home.  Several weeks ago, HPD obtained a warrant and conducted a “no-knock raid” surprise attack on the Tuttles, and police shot the couple dead when they tried to defend themselves.  Four Houston police officers were also shot.  Confidential informants said that they did not buy drugs from the couple on behalf of Officer Goines.  It is unknown if any of the other officers were aware of the false report.  Goines was involved in a prior shooting in 1997 involving road rage.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The Houston police officer at the center of the botched drug raid has been shot twice before. The facts of one of those shootings changed dramatically in the days after it.

Senior Officer Gerald Goines, 54, was shot in 1992 and 1997.

1992, Houston police said Goines had just completed a narcotics
transaction when he stopped to urinate on a tree. The homeowner, who was
worried about burglars, walked outside and spoke to Goines. Moments
later, police said at the time, he returned with a pistol. Goines was
shot in the jaw.

In 1997, what was first believed to be a
narcotics bust turned out to be a deadly case of road rage on the
Southwest Freeway, according to police. Days after the shooting that
left Goines injured and another man, Reginald Dorsey, dead, police said
the two were competing for space on the freeway. Dorsey pulled out a
gun. Both men fired. Goines was shot in the arm and abdomen.

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